What to Expect

Together we create a sacred container

The Spirit Weavers Gathering is held in a sacred container, on beloved land, and therefore we ask that you see the gathering as a gift to yourself.  This is an opportunity of receiving and self love, as well as a time for us to come together in support, allyship, and solidarity.

The Gathering is a chance for you to tune out of everyday attachments and tune in to the simplicity of the earth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Spirit Weavers Gathering?

Spirit Weavers is an embrace of the feminine heart. The Gathering recognizes and honors the divine nature and essential human dignity of all beings. We have come together as a community who feels the need to more deeply explore the invitation that being on this earth during this most precious time represents.

As such, participation is open to all who wish to embrace the feminine heart. This includes any and all women, womxn, femme, non-binary, cis, trans, or female identifying beings regardless of their race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance, or body size.  Spirit Weavers is committed to continuously working to provide an inclusive environment for all of our community members.

I have always wanted to attend the gathering but it seems to fill in just a few hours. How can I get a ticket?

Spirit Weavers Gathering began with a vision and a handful of women coming together to share skills from their various paths and traditions. It has been truly inspiring to learn just how many women are hearing the call to this work of remembering, and we have worked hard each year to increase our capacity to accommodate as many women as we can possibly hold within a safe and sacred container. Continuing in our tradition we are offering two different, back-to-back sessions to accommodate the growing community. These are the Sun Session and the Moon session.

The best way to get a ticket is to join our mailing list or follow the @spiritweavers Instagram account so that you are among the first to hear when registration opens.  In the past, Registration has filled within minutes so it is best to plan ahead and be prepared to purchase tickets at the time they go on sale.  We do open a wait list after tickets fill (first come, first serve), so if you miss getting a ticket initially, and still feel you are meant to come, there is still a possibility that a space can open for you.  Each year we usually go through the entire waitlist so if you a

What if I want to attend but can't afford a ticket?

The organizers of Spirit Weavers are committed to making sure these these skills are accessible to those in need from all different walks of life. We offer tickets on a sliding-scale system, which provides flexible pricing, so you can pay according to your circumstances.  If you want to come, but can’t afford the ticket at all, there are opportunities for work trade.  We have over 200 work trade positions that you can apply for in March. We also offer payment plans for tickets with automatic monthly deductions to pay over several months. This year we are offering 19 scholarships which you can find out more about here.   If you are of limited income and would like to attend but can’t afford to do so please email us at info@spiritweaversgathering.com.  You can also visit our blogpost on how to attend Spirit Weavers on a budget.

Where do the funds for ticket sales go?

Spirit Weavers is a nine-month planning process which includes a paid staff.  All full-time teachers receive a travel stipend to attend the gathering.  Our main expense is the gathering land and its facilities. The second largest expense is the food and catering costs for daily meals for 700 women. With our two sessions spanning over a two week period this comes to a total of 15,000 meals! Additional costs include event rentals, supplies for all areas, and many other expenses that come up throughout the year.  We are also in joy to support a handful of Women’s and Indigenous organizations. Each year we donate a percentage of ticket sales to a handful of selected organizations which  you can view here.  A small but valuable way to honour Indigenous Sovereignty and to help protect the land and water.

What does a ticket include?

• A space to gather, share and learn together as one

• 5 days of camping in a beautiful serene forested and riverside setting

• A variety of campsites throughout the land with close access to showers and bathrooms

• 8 organic, local, delicious and nutritious vegan or vegetarian breakfasts and dinners. (Lunch not included)

• 3 full days of skill share classes (up to nine classes depending on your choices – some of these classes, such as drum making, have an additional fee for materials)

• Daily morning practices – options include offerings such as: yogatea ceremony, and meditation

• Nightly evening activities, including star gazing, music around the fire and nighttime ceremonies.

• Always brewing and flowing hot tea in the Tea House

• Access to our Wellness Area, a free, fully stocked herbal apothecary staffed by expert clinical herbalists who can assist you with any ailments, and our on-call registered nurse

• A place to seek support and care for any kind of internal struggle or challenge that comes up through our Empowerment Center.

• A cozy and comforting place to gather around your moontime: Our Red Tent and Moonlodge

• Mama Bear Lodge where mamas and babies can relax and be supported by other mamas.

Where and when do I sign up for canvas tents and yurts?

Rentals become available the day after ticket sales. This year they will be available on January 16th, 2022.  Rental prices for a full weekend for Canvas tents, and yurts vary from $150-700.00, depending on how many people they can accommodate.  If you are staying for both gatherings, you will be able to pay for the two full weekends at the time of purchase.  If you plan on renting shelter space, we ask that you consider those who are flying in from a distance.  If you are driving to the gathering, you may want to consider skipping out on a rental and bringing your own tent.

When do I sign up for classes?

Class sign ups do not happen online, but rather onsite on the first day of the gathering immediately following Opening Ceremony at 3pm. It is very important to plan to be present at that time. We are continuing to refine and streamline our process for this each year. We believe it would be a disservice to allow sign up’s online before we have a chance to see/hear/feel the presence of the teacher, and that often hearing someone speak about their offering touches our heart in a way that often results in signing up for completely different classes than we thought we would have. In this way we allow ourselves to be guided to new experiences and new discoveries about who we are and who we are becoming.  You can read more about our class sign ups here.

Will I need to bring any money?

While it is possible to bring your own food for lunches and attend only the free classes at the gathering, it is recommended that you bring at least $200 cash if you are able to. Classes involving materials can range from a few dollars for supplies such as yarn, to $50 or more for more intricate craft classes. Lunch is not included in your gathering ticket, but there are a limited number of food vendors on site at lunchtime with healthy meals and treats for purchase. In addition, we have our very own artisan Marketplace, Healing Village and Adornment Space where over 50 professional, sustainable crafters of our community come together to share the fruits of their labor.

What is the camping set up like?

Camp is home to a great variety of accommodations to suit your needs. Campsites are spread evenly throughout the land. Arriving on the earlier side will afford you the most options when choosing where to set up your tent.  We also recommend arriving early so that you can acclimate and familiarize yourself with the land and it’s facilities.

Can I camp elsewhere and just come to the gathering for for the day?

We ask that you arrive on time and stay the full length of the gathering. We also ask that you camp on the land with everyone else in the designated camping zones, and not seek outside housing or camp out of bounds.  If you don’t have camping equipment, you may want to think about borrowing some from a friend, renting or purchasing some.  As a safety concern and respect for the container, we ask that there is no coming and going, on and off the land aside from the lunch breaks. Please think of this as a sacred ceremony and commit yourself to being fully present the entire time.

My flight gets in early/doesn't leave until a few days after - when can I arrive and how long can I stay at the gathering?

For those who prefer a more relaxed pace for arriving, grounding, and setting up, gates will open as early as 9am on the first day. The gathering will not officially begin until 3pm for opening Ceremony, and the first community meal will not be served until 7pm that evening. We ask that both Sun and Moon Session attendees who are not official gathering staff be prepared to disembark on their return journey home by noon Monday.

Is there first aid on site?

In addition to an on-call Doctor, we also are proud of our fully stocked apothecary with a rotating staff of trained clinical herbalists making sure that all of your minor aches and pains are cared for with the abundant medicine mother nature provides.  Read more about the Wellness Area here.

What kind of food will be served at the gathering?
Our kitchen magician for the weekend Casandra, draws from years of experience with food preparation through her roles as personal chef,  and large event caterer. We will be choosing from a rainbow of organic vegetarian foods. Nature has provided all the ingredients in whole foods to nourish the body as a temple. That means putting the finest of ingredients into our bodies. When you feel truly nourished from whole foods, it opens up doors: doors to health, and doors to happiness.
You can expect colorful vibrant meals consisting of an abundance of seasonal local produce, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, and herbal teas.  We will have a special line for those needing allergen free meaning no gluten, soy, or peanut. We will also have a special line for those who choose a vegan meal.  We have bone broth available throughout the gathering as well.  If you know that you have very specific dietary needs, or severe allergies, we ask that you contact us and prepare accordingly.  If you need additional substance please bring snacks for yourself and children.
Our food is harvested with love, prepared with love, and served with love. The kitchen weavers maintain a fun, optimistic, and energetic environment: a contagious attitude transmuted into the food, to really nourish the soul.
It is not our intention to force a plant-based diet.  It is our intention however, to encourage these plant-based beliefs,  and life truths to resonate somewhere within yourself.  Come nourish yourself: your body, your mind, and your soul.
It takes a full day to prepare two separate meals serving 700 of us and there just isn’t enough time in the day to prepare and serve all three daily meals.  Therefore, we welcome you to enjoy our beautiful food vendors Lydia’s and Solar Return desserts during lunch or drive to Diggin Livin’ which is our local co-op and is five minutes from the land.  Many  choose to prepare food for lunch prior to the gathering.  A communal food share is a common practice for lunchtime at Spirit Weavers.
What kind of instructors are you seeking to apply?

A part of what this gathering seeks to do is to empower the next generation of wisdom keepers.   By allowing the newer teachers the opportunity to step up, we ensure that together we form a bridge across time that keeps the ancient ways alive and available for generations to come. These skills aren’t luxuries or hobbies- they are necessary for the continuation of the planet, and the harmony and well-being of all.  With this being said, we understand and recognize the tremendous importance of our beloved Elders Teachers.  For many the Elders are the most valued part of the community. We welcome all ages and all walks of life to come and share with us each year.

What do you look for in the application when applying to teach?

Our main vision for classes offered at the gathering are Earth Based Skills, Environmental and Social Justice Education, Womens Empowerment, Sustainability, Homesteading and Herbalism.  We look for those who have cultivated their spirit, practice, and a passion to share their wisdom and teachings. These inspiring beings have begun to grow their own roots through years of studies with various teachers and/or mentors and are now open to pass along their craft or skill. We receive hundreds of applications and often many of them are multiple offers of a similar class.

How do I become a vendor?

We have a limited amount of vending spaces open in our Marketplace.

Who are those holding the internal space of the gathering?

It takes a village to run a village. Spirit Weavers Gathering is staffed by a handful of different groups with varying levels of responsibility that come together in a coordinated way to make our village life flow as smoothly and beautifully as possible.

In the beginning, Spirit Weavers started small with just 75 women gathered on family land in southern California.  Mea organized the first gathering on her own with guidance from her elders, experiences at other Ancestral skills gatherings, and through prayer.  Into the second year, several sisters stepped forward to assist in all the planning, communication, registration, promotion, food service, and rentals. This was a huge undertaking and we quickly learned that if the gathering were to expand to include more of us, we would definitely need more support. Each year we open a “Call for Community” in which women can step forth into the behind the scenes work of the gathering.

Empowerment Counsel

When engaging in many days of deep inner work, it is natural that emotions can come up to be acknowledged and integrated. In an unfamiliar environment without many of our identity pieces and creature comforts, sometimes processing can feel intense. We offer a Healing Village of sisters who have professional experience helping our bodies, minds, and hearts to integrate all of our new experiences and vibrations in a beautiful way. These offerings are available for a monetary exchange or trade between you and the practitioner. In addition, we freely offer a team of Counselors, who are trained professional psychologists ready to hold space for those needing serious emotional or acute psychological support.  We are grateful to have our Empowerment Center available throughout the gathering.


Those who have cultivated their practice, grown their roots and are ready to share their skills and wisdom through the giveaway dance.  Instructor applications become available each November.


A number of amazing beings who have taken on leadership roles in service to the gathering.  These include, ticket sales, administration, shelter rentals, land design, sponsorship etc.


Dedicated and hard working volunteers who make this gathering possible through the service of their hearts in exchange for a gathering ticket.  We offer over 100 positions for a work exchange opportunity.  Applications for our Seva Work Trade Program become available in March.

I have lots of skills and experience to offer this community. How do I become more involved?

Everyone currently involved in the creation of the gathering found their current niche by volunteering to help and through that process giving us the opportunity to truly see and value them for the unique flavor that they bring though their contributions. If you feel called to become more actively involved in bringing Spirit Weavers to life, sign up for our mailing list to be among the first to hear our call for volunteers and opening of applications for staff, teaching, work/ trade arrangements. Your true and unique gifts are needed. We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you, and creating a beautiful gathering together.

  • You don’t need to have experience of any sort to come! This is a place of learning and sharing.
  • This is a non-party atmosphere.  It is a place of healing, sharing, reflection and celebration of the feminine.  If you are caught with alcohol you will be asked to leave.
  • There is no wifi and limited cell phone reception so please plan accordingly.
  • This is a leave no trace event. Pack out what you pack in. We will provide recycling bins, but please bring your own waste bag.  Each year we leave the land even more beautiful than we found it.
  • Many of the plants on the land are fragile and will not recover from damage.  Please be sure to honor and respect them by being aware of your steps.
  • The land is an extreme fire hazard, so please be aware and do not bring any fire including candles to the gathering.  Solar lighting is a great alternative.
  • Children under 2 are free. There will be a special area for Mamas with babies to relax in throughout  the day. It is important that you feel comfortable camping outdoors with your children if you are thinking about attending.  Keiki Camp is not available for children under 3.

  • Be prepared to do quite a bit of walking. Classes, kitchen and camping areas can all be a 10 minute walk from each other depending on where you are on the land.
  • The camp is set up for a variety of camping. Plan to camp out in the open, in tents or vehicles.  There are no RV hookups. Canvas Tents and small Yurts will be available for rental.
  • Wagons will be available to carry your belongings to your campsite from the parking area.
  • We love the four legged, but please leave your pets at home.
  • Feel free to explore this incredible land, but use common sense.
  • A map of the land will be provided with teaching areas at the gathering.
  • Drink plenty of water! There will be water stations for you to refill your water bottles. Use them, and stay hydrated.

  • Classes and class sites will be listed on the class schedule board along with size limits, fees etc. You will be able to sign up for classes there. We will re-announce classes each morning.
  • You will be able to take approximately 3 to 12 classes of your choice depending on which classes you choose.  Class times vary from 1 1/2 hours, to 8 hours depending on the classes.  Yoga and dance will be around 1.5 hours where the more involved classes such as pottery or instrument making will be longer.  The longer classes will be broken up into sessions of 3 hours each.
  • Classes and teachers will be introduced Thursday afternoon and sign ups for classes will begin after introductions Thursday evening. Class sizes are limited so you may not get your first choice but will have many other options to choose from.
  • This is a beautiful opportunity to break-free from your everyday attachments and things you may think you need. If you are used to using a cell phone or a computer on a daily basis this may be a great time to take a few days away from the machines. We have been programmed for many years to think we must have certain things in order to survive but in reality, we need very little.  Let’s all enjoy the beauty of simplicity together.

This is a family-style gathering with beings from many different backgrounds. We will come together for only a short period of time, to support one another, learn and heal together, and share our stories and our gifts. We ask that you commit to and follow these guidelines so that we may all soak in the beauty and magic of the gathering.