Over the years we’ve woven together a tight knit group of hard working beings who help keep things running smoothly in all the most practical ways. Our production team has been the bones put in place to keep the structure of the Gathering feeling strong and well balanced.


Bringing the Spirit Weavers Gathering to life is a 9 month planning process that takes place from October-June every year. We have a small team of 3 who share the back-end production stewarding, and then our team is joined on the land by our on the ground production team to bring all the planning to life!


Our production team members range from original Weavers that have been with the Gathering since the very beginning, to some of us who have slowly become more integrated over time, each year holding more responsibility and coming into more defined roles.  


With a spectrum of complimentary skillsets and strengths, and a shared work ethic, our team creates a network of point people that can help in any circumstance and disperse the energy of support throughout the village so that if anyone needs something, they need only to find someone with a walkie talkie and support will be provided. 

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Beyond our back-end and event production team itself, there is a network of people that infuse their energy, skills and spirit into the process of making the Gathering come to life each year. 

We begin the set up process in May each year, and there are a team of people working each day to set the stage for the gathering to take place. This includes our village hub leads, volunteers, builders and set up crew, and also our generous partners, husbands, children and friends that support us in the process.

Each being who steps in and steps up to offer their love to the village is a powerful strand in our radiant web, and the weight of one strand is never more or less integral than another. Maintaining this balance requires us all to find our strengths and areas where we shine brightest, and offer them in service to the collective benefit. It truly is a culmination of each and every one of us that makes this Gathering the force of magnitude that it is. 


2024 Event Producers:

Mea Woodruff

Kelsey Moore

Samantha Tanis

2024 Production Team: 

Emily Gallagher

Haley-Hays Ankeny

Kyla VanGelder

Samar Husseini

Samantha Tanis

Brianna Summers

Kelsey Moore