Our Seva (say-va) Selfless Service/Worktrade) are essential to the magic, intention, creation and feel of our gathering.

We are so grateful that so many are called to be in service.

Without these amazing beings we could not make this the beautiful coming-together of the heart that it is.


Kitchen & Keiki Camp app will be available HERE until May 5th.

 For specific questions, please email

We offer full Seva positions, 25 hours of service, in exchange for the full cost of tuition. This includes all meals and camping throughout your time on the land with us.

Responsibilities for the seva crew include everything from setup and breakdown to Kitchen Crew, decorating, caring for sacred spaces and feeding spirit houses, helping with parking or registering attendees, grounds maintenance and bathroom cleanup, Information Booth, Keiki Camp, and the Tea House, as well as many other tasks to help the gathering flow smoothly. We will ask that some seva come early to help with set up, organizing and decorating.

The Gathering holds two sessions. Sun session is June 2-6 and the Moon session is June 9-13. This allows us to accommodate more women and creates a closer sense of community. To apply for the Worktrade program, fill out the application for which session you would like to attend. You will pay an application fee to submit your application.  This is non-refundable, and will be the only fee required to participate in the program.  If you are interested in attending both sessions you may fill out the application twice with an additional application fee. You are welcome to copy and paste your answers for the second application.  Please note the Seva commitment will be 7 days per session. These do not include your travel/arrival and departure days.

All Seva are required to arrive on site by noon on the agreed upon start day. If you have not arrived by 3pm on your start day your position will be forfeited. You will be scheduled in primarily one work area during the gathering, though you might be asked to help in a number of other areas during setup and decorating and during breakdown and cleanup. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who are flexible and willing to do a variety of tasks.

Our vision is to have you be able to take classes and also be in service to the community.

On the skillshare class days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, your work hours for the day will probably be around 6 hours. That should leave space for one class each day, perhaps more.

Please understand though that signing up for seva crew does mean missing out on some class time and other group activities. We ask that you trust in receiving what you need from your time at the gathering, letting go of expectations and flowing with what is needed to co-create another beautiful Spirit Weavers Gathering.

Our Seva cancellation policy is in place to assure the cohesion of work we do here at the gathering. The policy allows our Seva coordinator and schedule coordinator to ensure the flow and equitability of work. Please consider your availability as we approach the Gathering and read the policy carefully.


Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation before May 1st, 2020 – No charge 


Cancellation after May 1st 2020 – $50.00 


Cancellation after May 15th 2020 – $70.00


Cancellation after May 20th 2020 – $150.00


Cancellation after June 1st 2020 – $555 the full price of a session ticket


*cancellation policy does not include application fee. 

*Exact cancellation fee amounts may be subject to change before applications open in March.


Our Worktrade Coordinators

Casey Szot – She/her/hers

Worktrade Program Administrator

Having grown up travelling between Upstate New York and South Florida, Casey now resides in Portland, Oregon where she has lived for the past decade. After attending the gathering for two years in a row as a ticket buyer, Casey was excited to bring her 15 years of experience with event and volunteer coordination into service with Spirit Weavers. She is very passionate about trade and service based economies, as well as the process of matching up the skills and interests of an individual with the needs of the whole. When she isn’t leaving town for road trip adventures with her husband, dog, and van, she spends most of her time in school at the Portland Fashion Institute or working on the Pickathon Music Festival. Her primary personal practices include sewing, gardening, thrifting, helping her friends with their creative businesses, and lavishing love on her pets.

Victoria Madruga

Seva Lead

Victoria currently homesteads on 80 acres in the Okanogan Territory of Northern WA. There she is learning to tend land, train horses and continue her studies of herbalism with her mentor. As a steward of this land and a student of the Earth she holds in high regard communing and living with nature in sustainable ways. Victoria is a clinical herbalist and has been practicing since 2013. For the past six years she has devoted her life to studying ceremonial herbalism and tending her relationships to plant allies that guide her to walk this life in a loving way. Victoria uses her training as a licensed massage therapist, ceremonialist, herbalist, song carrier and events organizer to create safe spaces for women to work on their healing. She believes that we all have the right to be Divinely whole and Divinely loved. As a community leader she has dedicated much of her life to helping people feel connected to themselves, to one another and to this beautiful Earth. She is ecstatic to be joining the Spirit Weavers team and to help maintain a seamless flow for all to enjoy, dance, heal, and be in union!