Red Tent

The Red Tent is an ancient tradition found cross-culturally in which bleeding people retreat from their lives and go into a tent to rest, connect with each other and the Earth, and hold ceremony. The red tent was a place of great respect and reverence. It was believed that bleeding people had greater access to spiritual guidance, and the information that they received while bleeding benefitted the whole community. In the red tent, ancestral transmissions now called the “Blood Mysteries” were passed down, teaching the younger generations about the immense power and sacredness of menstruation and all passages of the womb experience.

Once again, modern womb keepers are connecting with the power of the red tent. We are reclaiming the sacredness of our womb and the power that is found when we return our sacred moon blood back to the Earth. The modern red tent is a place to learn about the menstrual cycle and connect with the ancient wisdom of the cycles of the womb, moon, and earth.

The Spirit Weavers Red Tent will serve in a few different ways. It is an interactive temple and workshop space that will hold womb wisdom rituals, classes & ceremonies that celebrate the continued learning and embodiment of menstruation and the womb. When not in a particular session, we invite you to come journal, read, meditate, rejuvenate, and simply rest in quiet space (whether you are experiencing your moontime or not).

The private bleeding space will remain open through the event so you can wash your hands, change your period products, and offer your blood to the Earth. This space is specifically for bleeding people and offers you a beautiful and hygienic space to take care of your body while you are bleeding.

Moon Lodge

A note to those on their cycle: If you will be experiencing your personal Moontime at Spirit Weavers, we invite you to honour yourself with extra self-care and nourishment. We also encourage you to bring re-useable pads/sponges/moon cups (some will be for sale at the gathering) and a reusable container with you (such as a glass mason jar or yogurt container). This way you will be able to offer your moon blood if you feel inspired. There will be many opportunities for you to dive in to the moon mysteries, and we look forward to offering this space as a place to reconnect to and learn about these practices.

Meet our Red Tent Hosts

Laura Carmody

Laura Carmody (she/they) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator residing in southern Oregon. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in red tent facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura’s approach to sacred menstruation recognizes the systemic inequities that have lead to period poverty, inaccessibility of menstrual necessities, and global menstrual taboos. She believes that all menstruators deserve to bleed with dignity, with access to menstrual education and care, and with clean water. She is devoted to playing her part in stewarding a world where menstruation is truly respected.

You can connect with Laura on Instagram @threadedred or on her website:

C.J Thomas

C.J.’s work began with facilitating red tent and ceremonial circles at the Ashland Goddess Temple.
She combined this practice with Ayurvedic Health Coaching and Yoga to provide holistic wellness support to her community. Her journey in red tent facilitation and priestess work began with attending the first-ever Red Tent Facilitator training held in Ashland Oregon at the Goddess Temple.
Since then she has held many circles, stewarded the red tent at Beloved Music Festival in 2019, and offered many talks both virtually and in-person on uplifting people on color in spiritual spaces.
 In recent years, she has branched out into working in the world of marketing to help support and uplift priestess/health and wellness work around the globe.

Naomi Antinarelli

Naomi (they/them) is a massage therapist, doula, medicine creatrix, and sound bath practioner. They are dedicated to co-creating a more healed world through practices such as decolonial frameworks for healing, restoring body & womb connection and creating sex-positive queer friendly spaces. Find them on IG @heartcenteredluz. Currently they reside on acjachemen territory (Orange county CA).