Who will be sleeping under the stars with us?

Registration for the 2023 Ten Year Anniversary Gathering opens at 11AM PST Saturday January 21st.

Registration fee ($466 sister support, $577 GENERAL ADMISSION & $688 abundance support) is a sliding scale. The sliding scale is offered as support to those women who may not be able to pay the full fee.   In order to continue with payment plans in the future we have to have at least 75% paying the GA (General Admission) fee which is available for women who can support themselves.  $466.00 is an option for women who may be needing assistance. $577.00 is our general admission price.  $688.00 is for those in a place of abundance who feel called to help with support for the lower tier. *When you purchase a GA or full-price ticket, you help Spirit Weavers offer discounted tickets to those with limited income—and ensure an inclusive, diverse movement for change. Please select your ticket thoughtfully.

There are a limited number of spaces for children. 3-10 years old $398.00 for Keiki Camp11-16 year old for our Moon Beam program $398.00.  The maximum age for boys is 8 years old. Children under 3 are free.   Sage Age  tickets are available for those 60 and older for $398.00


Please only purchase tickets that fall within your category.  For example, if we fill with GA tickets, please do not purchase a woc ticket, sage age (60+) or a maidens (11-16) if you don’t fall into these groups.  All tickets purchased in the wrong category will be immediately returned.


If you would like to add on a camping car pass or are attending both sessions and would like to stay in between, you will need to purchase a meal plan ticket for the days in between. You can visit the Add-ons page to learn more.

*Please note a 2% ($10.00) ticket price increase.  We haven’t raised our prices in ten years, but with less tickets being sold this year, this increase will support loss in ticket sales.  We have also taken into consideration the rising costs all around us and this shift is necessary for us to continue to do this work. Thank you for being a loyal weaver over this last decade! 
Registration Includes

• A space to gather, share and learn together as one

• 5 days of camping in a beautiful serene forested and riverside setting

• A variety of campsites throughout the land with close access to showers and bathrooms

• 8 organic, vegan or vegetarian breakfasts and dinners. Bone broth is served some mornings. (Lunch not included)

• 3 full days of skill share classes (up to nine classes depending on your choices)

• Daily morning practices – options include offerings such as: yogatea ceremony, and meditation

• Nightly evening activities, including star gazing, songs around the fire, live music, DJ sets and nighttime ceremonies.

• Warm tea served in the Tea House

• Access to our Wellness Area, a free, fully stocked herbal apothecary staffed by expert clinical herbalists who can assist you with any ailments, and our on-call registered nurse

• A place to seek support and care for any kind of internal struggle or challenge that comes up through our Empowerment Center

• A cozy and comforting place to gather around your moontime: Our Red Tent and Moonlodge

• Mama Bear Lodge where mamas and babies can relax and be supported by other mamas

• Some instructors may ask for a small materials fee ranging from $5 to $60 that you may pay at the time of the class.  Please bring cash to pay the instructors directly. Many of the classes are free

All Tickets, Accommodations & Car Camping Passes are Non-Refundable but tickets are fully transferable and may be resold for their face value, plus any taxes and fees paid. Regular Parking is free. Additionally, you can purchase registration add-ons, such as meal passes for in-between sessions, etc..

Scholarships will become available in the Spring

By Agreeing to Participate in Spirit Weavers Gathering 2023, by purchasing a ticket,  teaching as an Instructor, working as Staff or Seva, or by Vending in our marketplace  you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Ticket FAQ

Do I need my physical ticket for entry ?

Yes we scan all tickets at entry each year.  Please make sure you have your ticket printed, screen shot or saved on your phone for entry. If you have no ticket, there will be no entry.

What do I do if I put the wrong spelling of a name on a ticket?

Don’t worry ! We scan all tickets at entry. Please make sure you have your ticket printed, screen shot or saved on your phone for entry. If you have no ticket, there will be no entry.

How can we buy or sell tickets?

In the event that we sell out,  Our Mighty Network site has a circle specifically for buying & selling tickets.  Please note you are solely responsible for any financial transaction of the transfer between the original ticket holder + the new ticket holder. You agree as part of the terms and conditions that Spirit Weavers Gathering + Conscious City Guide are not held responsible or liable for any part of the financial transfer transaction. We do not condone inflated priced tickets. Please email us if someone is trying to sell you an inflated priced ticket and do not make the transaction.

How do I transfer my ticket?

Details coming Soon.

Can I transfer a ticket if I purchased a payment plan ticket?

Details coming Soon.

Can I transfer my payment plan to another woman?

Details Coming Soon.

Women of Color tickets + payment plans

We have an allocation of tickets for WOC to pay any amount within our ticket tier ranges. Please enter the amount suitable for your circumstance. Please note there is a ticket service fee on top.  If you wish to make make a deposit only please select the WOC deposit only ticket and on check-out enter the full priced amount you wish to pay so your payment plan can be calculated accordingly.  

How do payment plans work?

You will see the option to ‘pay with payment plan’ under ‘payment options’ at check out. Once you select that option you will see a breakdown of what you will be charged and on what dates.

You will be charged the first installment plus the $15 non-refundable payment plan fee immediately at checkout, and the remaining installments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the installment dates.

Are payment plans charged evenly across installments?

Yes. The ticket price + service fees + taxes are all added together and then divided by the number of instalments. Note that the first instalment is more expensive because it includes the non-refundable $15 payment plan fee.

What happens when an installment is missed?

If we are unable to charge the credit card on file when one of your instalments is due, you will receive an email letting you know and prompting you to log in to your Universe account to update the card on file. You have 10 days to update your credit card information and pay your instalment. If your instalment is not paid within 10 days, your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded for any amount charged minus the payment plan fee.

Note: Universe’s payment plan cancellation policy is a generic default policy guidance for Universe, but the event organizers have full control of their own cancellation policy. The event organizers cancellation policy is the policy that the event adheres to.

Where can I update my payment information?

You can edit your credit card information from your Universe account’s ‘My Tickets section by clicking ‘view payment plan’.

Then, click ‘update details’ in the bottom right corner. You can pay instalments early on this screen as well.

What if I checked out as a guest?

If you checked out as a guest and did not create a Universe account when purchasing your ticket, you can log in by setting a password using this link.

Are event and accommodation tickets separate?

If you are bringing your own camping / tent set up this is included in your ticket. There are some other accommodation options and if still available they are purchased separately and you can view them here.

How many tickets can we buy?

Tickets are limited to upto 4 tickets per person.

If I can't make it, can I get a refund or sell my ticket to someone else?

You can sell your ticket to someone else yes, however, we do not offer refunds.  ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL.

Vehicle Passes & Traffic

Do I have to buy a vehicle pass as well as an event ticket?

No, Parking is free for attendees, however if you are camping out of your trailer, rv or camper van you will need to park in our Car Camping area which requires a $55.00 pass available here.

What if I arrive without a vehicle pass?

There are a limited amount of Car Camping passes available.  If you arrive without a pass you will be directed to camp in the regular attendee parking which is further away from main camp.  If we have any passes left, you can purchase one at the gathering but there are no guarantees that we will have any available. Please plan ahead.

Are vehicle passes refundable?

Vehicle passes are non-refundable.