Sipping tea beneath the ancient trees is part of the simple magic of the Spirit Weavers Gathering, and we are so thrilled to welcome all beings of the Gathering back to the Tea House. Tea can open our hearts, body, and mind to commune with the plants that we sip. Steeping in the essence of the herbs, flowers, and spices of the mindful tea blends with one another, we can continue to digest and infuse our experiences of the Gathering.

The Teahouse serves as a place of regeneration, nourishment, and whispered connection. From the wake of Father Sun to the rise of Mama Moon, we carefully hand-blend batches of tea from our array of organic and wild-crafted herbs. Our tea house tenders and blenders chose the the plants most attuned with the energy of the collective within the Gathering.

It is beautifully huge task to serve tea to over 700 women throughout the day.  We are super grateful to our Tea House hosts for all of their warmth, energy and love that they pour into each cup of tea they serve.


Cinthia Sumitra:

Cinthia grew up in southern Brazil drinking mate, a large part of every day social activities in that region.  She began her yoga path as a teenager, which led her to learn and study more about ayurveda principles.  Working in an herb shop and a teahouse, which was very healing for her inner development, helped her connect with various plants.  Gong fu and matcha ceremonies have been useful for introspective growth, connection with herself and supported her needs found within solitude.  With mate, it is more about sharing, integration, community and connecting with people.

The Tea Temple

Returning for another year honoring the sacred ritual of tea, The Tea Temple at Spirit Weavers will be back celebrating with ceremony in the heart of the forest. The tradition of tea is something that we hold very dear as a beautiful way to greet the day, and commune together in a ritual of preparation and gratitude.

Join us for sunrise and your morning meditation to take in the leaf as you welcome the new day. The Tea Temple nestled in the forest inside our riverside geo-dome, serves 40 women each morning honoring the sacred practice with intention to nourish all through sipping bowls together. We cherish this space, we cherish these women and we cherish the tea.


Cha Dao-The Way of Tea

Inside the Tea Temple it is 6am and the first meditation is about to be served. One by one, women quietly enter in to the subtle tones of a flute softly teasing the air and the whispers of a kettle dancing atop the fire. An immediate sense of tranquility holds the space as each sister finds a comfortable place to sit for this morning’s tea. Here is the space for nourishment, cleansing, and grounding. A sacred space to slowly wake up together, shifting any discomforts, and opening our hearts. A place to sit and be gently held in a warm embrace. A place to remember. Tea is a great plant teacher, its medicine first cultivated by the Chinese hermits and sages. Drinking this Leaf in ceremony allows us to explore our senses and experience a deeper state of presence. It connects us: to nature, the Self, and the community around us. The saying goes Tea clears the mind, opens the heart, and illuminates the spirit. I am blessed to serve. To sit each morning and share this practice that has so profoundly change my life.
Baelyn Tien Wu