Hair Healing and Adornment

We gather here to celebrate and connect with each other and ourselves. We are here to adorn, be adorned and facilitate self-love, self-care and transformation.  We weave in our connection to the earth and the land, the seasons and the elements as central truth of cultivating beauty from the inside out.


We are here to provide our unique offerings  as we come together on the Cedar Bloom Land for the Spirit Weavers Gathering. Among the trees we will create a beautifully adorned salon space, incorporating the beauty of the land around us into an alter of sacred self-care. We will be offering hair services woven with adornment and intention…..Ritual cuts, oil treatments, braids, floral adornment, stick and poke tattooing, henna, color healing and crown empowerment. It will be a place to come and kneel at the alter of your self, and honor and adorn the unique beauty of YOU, reflected and held by the land and our sisters as witness.

We are working to create a new model for cultivating beauty by building and facilitating an intentional Space filled with love and void of  judgement or perpetuation of negative beauty beliefs and standards. We aim to create a sense of sacredness and intentionality around beauty so that it may be felt deep within ourselves and grow to permeate our collective world.

The Hair Healing and Adornment Space is a place to come and learn about the beauty and importance of our hair, the sacredness of self care, and the ways of protection and adornment of our crowns.

In this space our Hair Sisters will offer hair trims, rituals of hair care, oiling and brushing, braiding, weaving, and crown adornment using the plants from the forest to decorate our crowns in earthly beauty and rooted strength.



Roxie Jane Hunt

Roxie Jane Hunt is an artist and hair weaver. She is Creative Director of How-to Hair Girl, a blog and shop which seeks to empower people through the art of Hair and it’s importance in our lives.

Her experimentation with hair and plants and earth-based alchemy brought her to create a line of small-batch earth-based products for hair styling and care called the Free Your Hair Earth Collection. She can often be found growing, digging, mixing, and infusing in her little Seattle home-based apothecary and parlor hair salon.

Through the medium of hair, Roxie has woven together a community of radical beauty, acceptance, and personal exploration through hair and the gifts of our natural world. She became a Spiritweaver sister last year, and experienced an indescribable shift. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you and bare witness to your journeys as our community grows together in to one big, beautiful, fierce embrace of the feminine heart.

Find Roxie at @howtohairgirl for hair, ritual, and adornment and @filthandbeauty for family, and my personal life.

Nikki Jacoby Gibbs

Nikki Jacoby Gibbs believes in adornment as a sacred ritual and shares this vision through her collaborations with other women and her jewelry line.  She is a mama, designer, metalsmith and owner of Nikki Jacoby Jewelry. She resides in the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised.

Evelyn Kennedy

Evelyn Kennedy has been a hairstylist for her whole life and licensed for 12 years. She believes body adornment is a simple and elegant way to express self love and to give and receive love from others. Her hair and makeup practice creates space to build deep connections and use the body as a canvas for story telling and exploration of self. The way we present ourselves holds great power, and playfulness with cosmetic modifications can result in joyful release and empowerment. Evelyn is thrilled to share these skills with the spirit weavers community.

Hanah Zinn

Hair braiding is not only an esthetic, it’s a cultural fixture.  It’s a tool for community building and personal reflection; its a traditional skill.  Hanah’s work is to help rescue ritual beauty from the grips of capitalism and patriarchy, and place them back into the hands of the people.  Hanah offers classic to complex braided hairstyles as a service to those celebrating and centering in their body. Intuitive designs are intended to serve the braided in their efforts and affirm a playful, expressive self.  She has been braiding for 20 years with intensive study in the last four years, and a more recent invitation to the public. Raised in the Midwest tying friendship bracelets, macrame, and weaving baskets, her practice is coming full circle in Southern Appalachia.  She braids to honor rites of passage for those moving through milestones. She braids as an act of encouragement for those learning how to own the space they take up; and as an act of love for those defending their bodily autonomy. She braids as an act of resistance against forces that benefit from our isolation and as an act of celebration for our strength in togetherness.

Check out her traveling braid bar at and on Instagram @t.h.r.e.e.s.t.r.a.n.d.s.

Jenny Neurauter

Jenny Neurauter is a mother, partner, sister, artist, adventurer, experimenter, and dabbler! Having recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Chicago area, each new day and experience feels raw and sparkly and special!

As a hairdresser for ten years, Jenny loves the ever-evolving creative industry and the relationships she has formed through it. Her background in fine art and love for Mother Earth, her people and her gifts, inform and inspire her process as a hair artist. She is thrilled to be at the Spirit Weavers Gathering as a Sister of Adornment to guide others on their journey to empowerment and self-love. She will be offering haircuts and scalp massage treatments.

You can find her on Instagram @bunny.grandma.


KK Labia

KK Labia is a wild woman, a free spirit, a soul journeying through this three dimensional world experiencing all love – divine love – giving love, sharing love, feeling love, and becoming love.  She is a self-sustaining businessperson, growing food, sharing land, cultivating community and compassionate communication. She’s an artist, a student, a grower, a teacher, a friend, a sister, a lover, a daughter, an innovative critical thinker, a dualist, a cuddler, a care giver, a listener, a moon lover, a time traveller, a super truster, and a vagina warrior — an intentional being. She is all things, she is no things…

KK has been hand poking with love, and holding intentional safe space for 8 years. Her work focuses on co-creating with the magic of the human canvas and the beings that embody them.




Eyliana Gibson

Eyliana Gibson is a hair shaman and curl healer from California. She specializes in textured and curly hair and provides ritual, holistic hair care for all. Intuitive color and crown adornment with foraged plants from the Spirit Weavers land will be offered as well.

Through sound, breath work, crystal grids and card readings, she delivers medicine for the crown. Enjoy a gentle scalp massage and oil ritual with her beautiful crystal combs or a “hairing out” brush session.

All sessions are customized for each guest and are priced accordingly.  Private sessions including ritual haircut will be offered as well as Intuitive color will also be available after consultation.




Amanda Castillo

Amanda Castillo is a holistic {life}stylist, specializing in curly hair & vibrant color palettes. After graduating from The Paul Mitchell School of North Haven, CT in 2009, she has spent the better part of the past decade building a foundation in the Northeast.


She views her craft as a stylist as a true healing art form. With few wellness-focused salons in her region, she was inspired to create one of her own that could truly hold her creative vision. Founded in 2017, “The Chrysalis” is an intimate salon for mind-body beauty in New Haven. Amanda aims to provide a space for clients to deepen their energetic awareness and evolve their sense of being in ways well beyond “just getting their hair done,” including healing movement, connection with community, and exploring each’s unique creative process—to name a few.


Her work is informed by her deep appreciation for the wide world of art, explorations of myriad healing modalities, passion for consistently enhancing technique through continuing education, and rich tapestry of experiences from her travels on the music festival circuit.


Amanda’s signature custom crafted-color, coils & coifs have graced crowns of musicians, artists and executives alike, from Maine to Colorado, even all the way to Costa Rica! When she’s not on the go, be sure to stop by and see her next time you’re in CT or NYC!

Connect with Amanda through IG @TheCurlorista or visit her website,





Mandy Wray

Mandy Wray is an Austin-based artist, hair witch, and healing facilitator who works with hair as a medium for creative self-expression, transformation, and color therapy. She considers flowers & crystals to be her most powerful allies for inspiration, believing in their ability to facilitate change and spark creativity. She feels their beauty connects us to the wisdom of the Earth, serving as a physical manifestation of the intentions we hold most sacred to our journey.


Mandy’s snake path of experiences has nurtured a desire to help others step into their power through a self-care ceremony she refers to as Mane Medicine. During the ceremony she will offer you specific combinations of plant & crystal allies she recommends based on the energy you reflect to her in the moment. She utilizes four specific hydrosol sprays that she created in collaboration with the Austin-based apothecary Ritual Union. Each spray contains herbal nutrients, flower & crystal essences, a crystal specimen, and a healthy dose of magic.


Mane Medicine is intended to help you establish space in your life for growth and manifestation, as you continue to navigate your own journey through both the shadow and the light.


Connect with Mandy on Instagram @heymissmandy | @manemedicine






Bianca Foss

Bianca likes to say that she’s an artist having a moment with hair. She is a painter, a clothing maker and a space creator who imbues the creative fire into every medium she works through. She believes that everyone has a unique energetic signature that can be tapped into and brought into physical form.

A hair change is the signal, both visually and spiritually that you are ready to step into a more realized vision of the self who you are becoming. The transformative space that is the gathering offers the perfect opportunity to rewrite your story, whether it’s stepping to your power or shedding an outdated story of yourself.

Bianca trained at Edo Salon with Jayne Matthews, and yes, she can bang out “that shag” like nobody’s business. She’s here for your dream mullets, textured pixies, French bobs, and if you want to invent a new haircut especially for you, she would love nothing more than to take you there. She specializes in razor cutting.

In addition to haircuts, Bianca will be offering custom bang consults at this year’s gathering. In these sessions, she will look at what makes you uniquely beautiful and celebrate it with the perfect frame for your face. 

She will be at the adornment center for Sun & Moon. She is so thrilled to be a facilitator of your transformation at this year’s gathering