Hair Healing and Adornment

We gather here to celebrate and connect with each other and ourselves. We are here to adorn, be adorned and facilitate self-love, self-care and transformation. We weave in our connection to the earth and the land, the seasons and the elements as central truth of cultivating beauty from the inside out.

We are here to provide our unique offerings as we come together on the Cedar Bloom Land for the Spirit Weavers Gathering. Among the trees we will create a beautifully adorned salon space, incorporating the beauty of the land around us into an altar of sacred self-care. We will be offering hair services woven with adornment and intention…..Ritual cuts, oil treatments, braids, floral adornment, stick and poke tattooing, henna, color healing and crown empowerment. It will be a place to come and kneel at the altar of your self, and honor and adorn the unique beauty of YOU, reflected and held by the land and our sisters as witness.

We are working to create a new model for cultivating beauty by building and facilitating an intentional Space filled with love and void of  judgement or perpetuation of negative beauty beliefs and standards. We aim to create a sense of sacredness and intentionality around beauty so that it may be felt deep within ourselves and grow to permeate our collective world.

The Hair Healing And Adornment Space Is A Place To Come And Learn About The Beauty And Importance Of Our Hair, The Sacredness Of Self Care, And The Ways Of Protection And Adornment Of Our Crowns.

In this space our Hair Adorners will offer trims, rituals of hair care, oiling and brushing, braiding, weaving, and crown adornment using the plants from the forest to decorate our crowns in earthly beauty and rooted strength.




Arwyn Moonrise

Arwyn Moonrise is an embroidery artist with a natural gift for teaching the craft in a fun and practical manner. She learned to embroider during her childhood watching her mother mend and adorn the families clothing on their organic blueberry farm in rural Maine, and reconnected with stitching later in life. Fueled by her passion for creating, recognizing the power of bespoke sacred garments, and wanting to help reduce fashion waste by giving vintage/used clothing new life, she started her custom embroidery business, Township 31 (named after the township she grew up in).

Arwyn creates one-of-a-kind custom pieces for her clients that reflect meaning and sacred connection. Her work is executed with technical precision and intricacy. She has been teaching embroidery for the last 5 years all over the Bay Area and truly believes that EVERYONE can tell story and create beauty through stitching and has an approach to teaching that facilitates this ability.

Maya Batki

Maya Batki is a conscious haircutter, organic salon owner and mother to a teenager in San Rafael California. In 2018, Maya left the salon where she worked for 23 1/2 years to go out on her own and create a beautiful, non-toxic, healing space to do her work. The process of creating an intentional space to work, has shifted her focus into a deep dive into exploring beauty magic. She helps her clients to get present and let go of what’s in the way of who they are becoming. Maya holds a sacred container for release and transformation.

In the years as an independent stylist, Maya has gone to life coaching school, taken Reiki classes and tons of haircutting and razor cutting classes. Maya is forever refining her skills and adding new tools to her tool kit on all levels.

Maya’s deep connection to the natural world informs her work and desire to bring out natural texture in hair. She works with natural products to invite bend and curl that may have been hiding under the weight of length. Her intention with everyone in her chair is to help them feel more like themselves and to embrace their own unique and natural beauty.