We gather to celebrate and connect with each other and ourselves. This space is available for you to be adorned as we facilitate self-love, self-care and transformation. We weave in our connection to the earth and the land, the seasons and the elements as central truths to cultivate beauty from the inside out.

The intention is to provide our unique offerings to those coming together on Cedar Bloom Land for the Spirit Weavers Gathering. 

Among the trees we create space, incorporating the beauty of the land around us, for sacred self-care. Our offerings are woven with deep intention.

Adornment is a place to come and kneel at the altar of your Self. We will help you honor the unique beauty of YOU, reflected and held by the land and our sisters as witness.

We offer an intentional space filled with love and acceptance. We aim to create a sense of sacredness and intentionality around beauty so that it can be felt deep within ourselves and grow to permeate the collective.

The Adornment Space Is A Place To Come And Learn About The Sacredness Of Self Care in the form of Adorning Our Bodies.

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In this space our Adorners may offer haircuts, rituals of hair care, oiling and brushing, braiding, weaving, tattoos and more.

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 Applications for 2024 are now closed.  We will share our 2024 Adornment offerings in April



Arwyn Moonrise

Arwyn Moonrise is a tattoo artist and embroidery artist working in the Bay Area in California. In all of her mediums the common thread of inspiration is pulled from her deep connection to the natural world, spirit and the cosmos. She does mostly custom work as a way to create sacred adornment through the art of prayer and storytelling for her clients in both ink and thread.

Maya Batki

We have a few slots left for Magical Braiders!  Apply below!

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