Hair Healing and Adornment

We invite you to visit the Adornment Space, a place to come for healing, grooming and love for your hair and crown.

It is easy to overlook the importance of taking time to nurture your spiritual 6th sense, the protective and adorning hair that grows and acts as our physical and spiritual barometer. In the Forest, amongst each other, we take the time to infuse our hair with love and healing energy

Many different cultures saw our hair as an extension of our thoughts, and an outer representation of our inner world. We honor these beliefs by making offerings of our hair to the earth, oiling our hair for protection, brushing our hair to remove unwanted energy and keep energetic channels flowing, and braiding and weaving for adornment and celebration of the sacred feminine.

The Hair Healing and Adornment Space is a place to come and learn about the beauty and importance of our hair, the sacredness of self care, and the ways of protection and adornment of our crowns.

In this Space our Hair Sisters will offer hair trims, rituals of hair care, oiling and brushing, braiding, weaving, and crown adornment using the plants which surround us in the forest to decorate our crowns in earthy beauty and rooted strength.

Adornment Spirit Weavers

2018 Adornment Offerings will be shared this Spring

Meet Our Adornment Sisters

Roxie Jane Hunt

Roxie Jane Hunt is an artist and hair weaver. She is Creative Director of How-to Hair Girl, a blog and shop which seeks to empower people through the art of Hair and it’s importance in our lives.

Her experimentation with hair and plants and earth-based alchemy brought her to create a line of small-batch earth-based products for hair styling and care called the Free Your Hair Earth Collection. She can often be found growing, digging, mixing, and infusing in her little Seattle home-based apothecary and parlor hair salon.

Through the medium of hair, Roxie has woven together a community of radical beauty, acceptance, and personal exploration through hair and the gifts of our natural world. She became a Spiritweaver sister last year, and experienced an indescribable shift. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you and bare witness to your journeys as our community grows together in to one big, beautiful, fierce embrace of the feminine heart.

Find Roxie at @howtohairgirl for hair, ritual, and adornment and @filthandbeauty for family, and my personal life.

Nikki Jacoby Gibbs

Nikki Jacoby Gibbs believes in adornment as a sacred ritual and shares this vision through her collaborations with other women and her jewelry line.  She is a mama, designer, metalsmith and owner of Nikki Jacoby Jewelry. She resides in the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised.