These scholarships are made possible by you! Donations of handmade items and funds for this year’s scholarships were made and gifted by those who attended last year’s gathering. We share an amazing raffle throughout the weekend and all funds from the raffle go toward scholarships. In addition, we have an official Spirit Weavers Merchandise booth and online store where all proceeds go to next years Scholarship fund.  If you feel called to donate or help with our scholarship fund, please email

This year we are happy to announce we have 19 scholarships available for the 2020 gathering. Great thanks to the SW Community and all of the 2019 raffle donations and tickets sold! That is double what we were able to offer last year! All Scholarships will be made available MARCH 1st-March 15th.  Scholarships include a ticket for one session but do not include travel or accommodations.

Here’s a list of our 2020 scholarships:


  • Scholarship 1: First nations/indigenx beings scholarship: A scholarship for our own First Nations/Indigenous sisters.  Available for 4 womxn.
  • Scholarship 2: disABLED Being Scholarship::  A scholarship for beings with Visual Impairment, Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Hearing Impaired, or Chronic Illnesses.  Available for 2 womxn.
  • Scholarship 3: Womxn of Color:: A scholarship for WOC, including multi-racial and/or self-identified womxn. Available for 8 womxn.
  • Scholarship 4: LGBTQ2IA+:: A scholarship for those identifying as LGBTQ2IA+
  • Scholarship 5: Elder and Crone:: A scholarship for womxn over the age of 50.
  • Scholarship 6: Earth Day:: A scholarship for caretakers of the earth.
  • Scholarship 7: Mothers Day:: A scholarship for Mothers. Available for 2 womxn.
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Spirit Weavers Gathering recognizes the importance of Solidarity and Allyship work. A variety of scholarships is just one of the many ways we continue to open the space for all walks of life. Thank you for believing in these small but potent offerings as we strive to create a empowering, unique and diverse gathering.
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Scholarship Coordinator

Jaime Olivia – Scholarships

i am a queer artist, kitchen witch, animal lover, devoted coffee drinker, budding herbalist and all around busybody (shoutout to my gemini sun!) hailing from wampanoag lands more widely known as martha’s vineyard. as someone who never thrived within the traditional

education system, i took a gap year after graduating high school in 2008 and never looked back. since then life in general, the world at large and the myriad of eclectic folx i’ve met along the way have been invaluable teachers. in 2011 i fled the east coast in search of  a more vibrant, more diverse community and crash landed on my best friends’ couch in san francisco. after seven magical years loving & living in the bay my partner & i moved to central utah where i’ve found myself spending more and more time in nature admiring and communing with the plethora of plants near my home. This year I will continue various self-guided studies around herbalism & ancestral wisdom. i am a fervent believer that each and every one of us has magic & medicine to share with the world and it is my hope that someday in the not so far off future i will use my (growing) knowledge & love of plants to empower others to take their spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing into their own hands.