Empowerment Center

We are so very honored to have such an incredible team holding the circle of Empowerment.
The Empowerment Center is place to ground and empower yourself with the support of our amazing team.  2019 classes, facilitators and info will be announced in the spring!


Visit the Empowerment Center for loving support to recenter, recharge, and realign your body, heart, and mind. We are a group of spiritual counselors and empowerment guides here to fully support your Spirit Weavers experience and your mental/emotional/spiritual process. We offer two main services: Empowerment Circles & One on One Sessions.

Empowerment Classes

Participants will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Empowerment classes will be centered around specific topics such as:

  • Essensual Remembrance: Restoring the Will and Honoring our Agreements with the Earth (Sunder Ashni, Sun and Moon)
  • My Mind…Whose is it? Gardening the Landscape of Your Inner Mind (Sandra Bowling, Sun)
  • Self-Celebration – Overcoming Perfectionism & Living Your JOY (Bonne Chance, Sun)
  • Tracking the Inner and Outer Wilderness (Mary Good, Moon)
  • Wild Wisdom: Dance In~With~As Nature (Taira Restar, Sun and Moon)

 Empowerment Circles

Participants will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Circles will be informal and also centered around specific topics such as:

  • Grounding and Transition Support – Taking Home Your Spirit Weavers Journey (Stephanie Moreno, SUN)
  • JOY Circle – Claiming the Healing Power of Joy (Bonne Chance, Moon)
  • Mothering the Mother: Tending the Wild & Tender Heart (Mary Good & Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn, Moon)
  • POC Sharing Circle (Sunder Ashni and Stephanie Moreno, Sun and Moon)
  • Wild Wisdom Circle: Your Body Is Wild Nature. Explore and Express Her Wisdom (Taira Restar, Sun and Moon
  • 12-Step Recovery Meetings

One-on-One Sessions

For those who desire to receive further support regarding their experience at the event, integrate learnings or insights that are occurring, or would like assistance to facilitate shifts and awakenings related to their spiritual path and process. Our primary intention is to provide a clear, loving, high battery space where women can recenter, be witnessed, and connect deeply within.

In gratitude,

Bonne and the Empowerment Center Team

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Bonne Chance

Bonne Chance is a women’s empowerment coach based in San Francisco, CA. She loves assisting women to awaken to the deeper callings of their heart, and clear away the inner debris that might be impeding the fulfillment of their most authentic expression.

Her coaching employs the tools and practices of spiritual psychology, in which she obtained her Masters in 2009 at the University of Santa Monica. She holds an additional Certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She has facilitated hundreds of people in shifting their consciousness, awakening, and healing.

Bonne’s special emphases and gifts include the areas of spiritual psychology, consciousness health and healing, co-dependency, and addiction. She is very familiar with the 12-step model of recovery in various programs (drugs and alcohol, love, sex, co-dependency, and finances). For over five years, she has served as a hospice volunteer, assisting people of diverse populations in their life transitions and providing emotional support to families.

As a coach, she is acknowledged for her loving presence, ability to direct clients to the heart of the matter, intuition, and wisdom. Due to her own personal journey, she is highly motivated to assist others in living a life that is in full alignment with their most empowered and authentic selves.  She specializes in assisting women overcome ego patterns such as perfectionism, so they can live more fully into their Joy, Freedom, and inherent Brilliance.  You can learn more about her practice at:  bonnechancecoaching.com or find her on Instagram:  @LeBonneChance.

She is very honored to return to Spirit Weavers for the third year to assist women on their awakening journeys by leading workshops and meeting for one/one sessions at the Empowerment Center. She looks forward to seeing you there!
Sunder Ashni

Sunder Ashni

Ashni is a Flower Essence therapist, healing channel and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has a private practice at Minka .in Brooklyn, NY. She frequently travels to teach and is currently planning Earth Immersion retreats in Nature. She also facilitates ceremonies, meditations and experiences permeated with love that cultivate radical awareness, appreciation of self and overall ecstatic wellness within participants and their community with the intention of re-cultivating a deep connection with our Earth mother. Discover more SunderAshni.com


Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn

Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn, MA, is a Mother, counselor, writer, and teacher. Teresa lives and breathes with the intention of being present to life as it is unfolding, holding this to be the foundation for self-discovery and growth.

In her work as a counselor, Teresa supports and welcomes each and every emerging layer of experience in all of its fullness.  She believes it is deeply important to bring an attitude of kindness and curiosity to all that we do and all and all that arises within us.  Through the simplicity of kindness, love, and curiosity towards ourselves and others, we can have a profound effect on how we experience our world, our relationships and our families.  She has served as a doula, midwife’s assistant, Waldorf teacher, child & family counselor, and meditation teacher. Teresa is continually grateful to have the opportunity to serve and grow in this role of supporting others.

Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn will be offering counsel, support & guidance in the Empowerment Center. You can find her exploring and adventuring in the East Bay with her husband, two sons and backyard chicken farm on Instagram: @teresalakabatzinn

Mary Good

Mary Good

Mary’s life and work is devoted to the Earth and to the wild heart within all beings. She is a mother, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in Ecopsychology, a certified California Naturalist, and an herbalist, hedgewitch and henwife.

Playing midwife to the psyche’s rebirth, Mary brings her deep and empathic presence to the dark, labyrinthine passageways of transition, grief and depression, and steady, heart-full wisdom to moments of anxiety and crisis. Promoting emotional intelligence, she helps others return to the innate goodness of their tender hearts. As an ecotherapist, she weaves together her understanding of animals, natural history, wild edible and medicinal plants, deep ecology and myth, guiding others through the soul’s wilderness to interconnection and reciprocity with the other-than-human. By knowing their own hearts, her clients come to know the heart of the world.

Currently Mary’s leading edge is engaging in dialogue, both with herself and with others, on the need for intersectional Ecopsychology and pulling social and environmental justice to the forefront.

You can find Mary in Sonoma County (Southern Pomo land) in a tiny converted barn on a small farmstead with her family. They have a literal open door policy where the farm inhabitants are always welcome to stop by for a snack. This includes 14 chickens, two farm dogs, a goat, a mysterious number of mice and a crow named Fluffy. You can find her on Instagram @the_splendor_and_travail and on her website marygood.squarespace.com.

Taira Restar

Taira Restar, RSMT, is a somatic movement therapist, body-based women’s empowerment coach, and the founder of Wise Hearted Woman. She mentors women to embrace their bodies and to tap into their wisdom, so they can create and live lives they love. Because, when women feel good, it’s easier to do good—to contribute to our families, our communities, and our world.

For over 30 years, Taira has facilitated in-person workshops and retreats. Many have been in/with nature. She helps women to experience their bodies as wild nature. Her workshops have taken her to the high desert of Santa Fe, an old growth forest in Mount Fuji, and to lakes in the Swiss Alps. She has guest taught at universities in Istanbul, Tokyo, and Seoul, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In August, she will offer a Wild Wisdom women’s retreat in Bali.

Taira lives on the coast in northern California. Her neighbors include coast live oaks, California bay laurels, black-tailed deer, bobcats, snowy plovers, and stinging nettles. She has been happily married for over 25 years and is mother to a grown daughter. Taira’s daily practice is living love. She loves to serve and loves to love. Taira feels blessed to serve at Spirit Weavers. During Sun and Moon, Taira will offer Wild Wisdom workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and Empowerment Circles. For more on Taira and her offerings, visit wiseheartedwoman.com 

stephanie moreno

Stephanie Moreno

Stephanie Moreno, MA, ATR is a holistic arts therapist, self love coach, intuitive healing guide and Reiki II practitioner. She is a warm loving spirit by nature; meeting you where you are and holds space with love and compassion. She believes the arts of self love are the essence in maintaining a healthy mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Stephanie is loyal to her work and wholeheartedly fulfilled by guiding those through healing pains, self awakenings and authentic self discovery. Her work takes an integrative approach including humanistic, CBT, psychodynamic and system theories. She incorporates her clinical background and education with spiritual guidance, self love empowerment, mantra, ritual work and meditation. Her personal awakening, indigenous roots, and spiritual practices have organically aligned with her healing practice in creating a style she believes in.

Originally from Los Angeles CA, Stephanie currently lives and practices in Brooklyn NY. You can find her grounding in New York City’s parks and gardens, reading and sipping matcha at quiet coffee shops, and offering Love at MINKA Brooklyn. She is a Registered Art Therapist with the Art Therapy Association and holds an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy specializing in Clinical Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University.

Stephanie looks forward to meeting you and supporting you on the land. She is honored and eternally grateful to be a part of the Empowerment Center at Spirit Weavers’ Sun session. You can find more about Stephanie at http://minkabrooklyn.com/stephanie and on Instagram: @artofselflove


Sandra K. Bowling

Sandra K. Bowling, MA, LMFT works as a holistic psychotherapist in Berkeley, CA. She attained her Master’s degree in Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2008.  Sandra has worked in private practice, community mental health and non-profits, as well as summer camp communities for the past 13 years.

Sandra’s background interests in holistic health modalities and medical anthropology have inspired continuous pursuits of knowledge academically and experientially, and have gifted her with numerous lenses in which to view health. Sandra also works as a vibrational bodywork therapist, integrating sound therapy tools along with hands on massage techniques to address emotional overwhelm and burnout in the body.

You can learn more about her work at www.sandrbowlingmft.com and www.sandrakathleen.com and on Instagram:  @sandrakathleenjewelry