Empowerment Center

We are so very honored to have such an incredible team holding the circle of Empowerment.
The Empowerment Center is place to ground and empower yourself with the support of our amazing team.  2022 classes, facilitators and info will be announced in the spring!


THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER IS A RE-SOURCE CENTER for the BODY, HEART & MIND , A PLACE ​to recenter, recharge, realign and reconnect on every level WITH THE SUPPORT OF OUR CARING AND SKILLFUL TEAM. We are a group of professional therapists, coaches, and spiritual counselors here to support your mental, emotional and spiritual process. We offer three main services.


Participants will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Empowerment classes will be centered around specific topics such as:

 Empowerment Circles

Participants will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Circles will be informal and also centered around specific topics:

One-on-One Sessions

One on One sessions are for those who would like to receive further support regarding their experience at the event, integrate learnings or insights that are occurring, or would like personal assistance to facilitate shifts and awakenings related to their spiritual path and process. Our primary intention is to provide a clear, loving and liberated space where folx can recenter, be witnessed, and connect deeply within.


In gratitude,

The Empowerment Center Team


Sandra K. Bowling

Sandra K Bowling, MA, LMFT is a transpersonal and somatic psychotherapist, sound bath facilitator, vibrational bodyworker, and jewelry maker in Berkeley, CA. Sandra’s offerings are rooted in supporting authentic expression, healthy conscious relations and vibrant embodiment. She is especially passionate about awakening the sensual connection and communion with the earth as a resource and teacher. Sandra works with individuals who seek relief and transformation from symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, empathic burnout, chronic health conditions, existential and identity crisis. Sandra is also an experienced provider of therapeutic support, crisis response, and mental health first aid for communities gathered for education and transformation in remote locations.

As a body worker Sandra focuses to support the clearing and transmutations of energetic impressions and emotional memory’s that block or impede energy flow and impede wellness. Integrating a number of modalities including Acutonics tuning forks, chimes, metal and crystal singing bowls, light, and hands on massage techniques Sandra creates a field of transformation in which you are invited to release and receive in order to expand and flow.

You can learn more about Sandra on her websites and can contact for a complimentary consultation call.
Follow her on Instagram @sandrakathleenjewelry

Stephanie Moreno

Stephanie Moreno, MA, ATR, LMFT is the daughter and granddaughter of Mayan and Mexica families. She is first generation Chicana born on Tongva land, currently resting and nesting on Lenape territory. Stephanie works and lives as a holistic art therapist, therapist, and gentle artist; walking along and supporting folks on their personal paths. She is honored to be of service and excited to be with you all on in Cedar Bloom in 2022.

Learn more about Stephanie at artselflove.com

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel Kaplan—long-time somatic healer, permaculture activist and teacher, wild mycelial tracker, herb tender and ceremonialist—is a stand for a world of belonging for all beings. She is gifted in holding space for trauma and for joy, for pleasure and participation in this perilous and passionate moment of The Great Unraveling. She brings decades of practice in somatics, deep ecology, dance, conscious movement and the expressive arts, as well as life-time commitments in social change instigation and advocacy projects. She is shifting her long time counseling practice to an educational forum working with groups of people ready to lean into this moment of transformation and consciously support and escalate the systemic changes we need. Her deep joy comes from dancing and engaging deeply with others in the multi-species parade. Find her at www.ecosomaticaction.com

Laurie Jean Vogler

Laurie Jean Vogler, CMT is an Oakland based writer, artist, teacher and facilitator of healing through bodywork and energy work. With deep love and soul purpose she teaches others how to create sacred space and deepen one’s connection with self. She believes that we are all creative beings and enjoys igniting the spark of inspiration so that love may guide our path.

Laurie Jean has professionally facilitated healing and bodywork since 2003.  Listening with hands and heart she customizes each session using her many tools.  Myofascial Release, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki Master, Pre and Post Natal, Thai Massage and EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) a.k.a Tapping  Her passion for connecting with the soul’s innate healing wisdom allows her to work intuitively with the body as a whole.

Her ability to hold space is only as deep as her own self healing. Abandoned at a young age and adopted by age 5 she has grown to accept these challenges as one of the greatest gifts of her life. These experiences gave her the opportunity to heal, to forgive, to love and grow! Bringing love, light and empathy into the dark depths is one of her superpowers.

Learn more about Laurie Jean at lotusintouch.com


Yoshiko Powell, LMFT

My name is Yoshiko, I carry my grandmothers name. I am an expressive arts therapist and wilderness guide in Oakland, California. Born to two crafts people, I started making things at a very early age. Throughout my life, the arts have evolved to be a steadfast companion that have held me in both joyful and difficult times. The practice of writing, movement, sharing voice and making objects has served as a pathway to hidden corners of the self and to the unseen forces all around us.

The wilderness guide was born in me after great inner searching led me to the Utah desert. Here, I spent several years sleeping on the earth and leading rites of passage groups for youth. What clarity, what transformation I witnessed here! such profound movement from darkness to light in the young hearts that lived out there, mine included.

Now, in the urban landscape of Oakland, my work is offering clients the marriage of the two- arts and nature connection. I help others connect to the sacred within through making things, being in nature and in the creation of personal ceremony. I conduct therapy in office and outdoors as well as lead expressive arts groups and women’s retreats. For those navigating the new waters of Motherhood, I will now be offering Rites of Passage creative arts groups by request.

To learn more, check out sacred-craft.com, or drop me a line at yoshiko.c.powell@gmail.com.

I am honored to be a support this year at Spirit Weavers. If you are led by joy or by sorrow to be held and witnessed in love, come by the Empowerment Center. All are welcome!

Lis Elle Werth (she/they)

Lis is a burgeoning psychotherapist and healing witness, friend, creative, and neighbor.  Born and bred where the East coast meets Midwest, shaped further by the Bay Area, and now once again settling in back on the East coast in the lower valley of the Lenape (Hudson Valley, NY), Lis is inspired and influenced by the artists, teachers, mentors, and environments encountered along the way. As an integrative therapist, it is important for Lis to weave transpersonal aspects into her collaborative work that feel grounded and accessible. She holds a neuroqueer-affirming and honest space.


Lis finds sacredness and joy and amusement in the unraveling of untrue myths the overculture in American late-stage capitalism imprints on us about ourselves.  Grounded in the notion that we live in a world of paradoxes, Lis is committed to walking with others to help find personal truths and navigate the nervous system to better connect to self, other, and the environment that encompasses them. She knows there is an abundance of wisdom and information within!


Lis hopes to catch some folks in the moments between the skillshare sessions, inspired by her own experiences as an attendee at the gathering.  She will make space for The Somatics of Belonging!  and hold a Neurodivergent Vibe Check both weekends. These open spaces are intended for anyone seeking some security, validation, camaraderie, allyship, grounding, and some laughs. Afterall, “we’re all just walking each other home”! (Ram Dass)

*the term “neuroqueer” coined by Nick Walker, PhD