Empowerment Center

We are so very honored to have such an incredible team holding the circle of Empowerment! The Empowerment Center is place to ground and empower yourself with the support of our amazing team.

Visit the Empowerment Center for loving support to recenter, recharge,and realign your body, heart, and mind. We are a group of spiritual counselors and empowerment guides here to fully support your Spirit Weavers experience and your mental/emotional/spiritual process. We offer two main services: Empowerment Circles & One on One Sessions.
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 Empowerment Circles

Participants will have the opportunity to authentically express, come back to their truths, and share in an empowering way in a loving and sacred space. Circles will be informal and also centered around specific topics such as:

  • Awakening the Inner Beloved: How to Make Self-Love a Reality In Your Life (Niralli, Sun & Moon)
  • Mama, You’re Better Now: Courageous Mothering Through Past, Present & Future (Claire, Moon)
  • Mothering the Mother: Nourishing Self-Care and Kindness with Each and Every Breath (Tea, Sun)
  • Self-Celebration: Overcoming Perfectionism & Living Your Joy (Bonne, Sun & Moon)
  • Tapping the Root: Recovering Ancestral Memory and Freeing Our Lineage (Ashni, Sun & Moon)
  • Waking Up Can Be Hard to Do: Tools for the Path of Awakening (Devin, Sun)

One-on-One Sessions

This is for those who desire to receive further support regarding their experience at the event, integrate learnings or insights that are occurring, or would like assistance to facilitate shifts and awakenings related to their spiritual path and process. Our primary intention is to provide a clear, loving, high battery space where women can recenter, be witnessed, and connect deeply within.

In gratitude,

Bonne and the Empowerment Center Team

Meet Our Empowerment Sisters

Bonne Chance

Bonne Chance is a women’s empowerment coach based in San Francisco, CA. She loves assisting women to awaken to the deeper callings of their heart, and clear away the inner debris that might be impeding the fulfillment of their most authentic expression.

Her coaching employs the tools and practices of spiritual psychology, in which she obtained her Masters in 2009 at the University of Santa Monica. She holds an additional Certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She has facilitated hundreds of people in shifting their consciousness, awakening, and healing.

Bonne’s special emphases and gifts include the areas of spiritual psychology, consciousness health and healing, co-dependency, and addiction. She is very familiar with the 12-step model of recovery in various programs (drugs and alcohol, love, sex, co-dependency, and finances). For over five years, she has served as a hospice volunteer, assisting people of diverse populations in their life transitions and providing emotional support to families. As a coach, she is acknowledged for her loving presence, ability to direct clients to the heart of the matter, intuition, and wisdom. Due to her own personal journey, she is highly motivated to assist others in living a non-addictive life that is in full alignment with their Authentic Selves. You can learn more about her practice at: bonnechancecoaching.com

She is very honored to be assisting women on their awakening journeys by co-facilitating and leading workshops at Spirit Weaver’s Empowerment Center.

Sunder Ashni

Sunder Ashni

As a Flower Essence Therapist, Sunder Ashni serves, loves and inspires those within her local and global communities by providing tools of nourishment. These tools, in the form of flowers and energy-work, assist in fostering connections between the hearts and minds of individuals and the heart of our world. Her devotion and faith in plant medicine and use of subtle healing modalities helps to create an expansive approach to life and everyday challenges.

She is dedicated to the blossoming of the heart and soul of all she may meet. Her prayer for all her clients is for them to be and feel loved, worthy and in alignment in body, heart and soul, leading effortlessly to a greater love and appreciation for all life on earth.

Ashni is a Flower Essence therapist, healing channel and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has a private practice at Minka .in Brooklyn, NY. She frequently travels to teach and is currently planning Earth Immersion retreats in Nature. She also facilitates ceremonies, meditations and experiences permeated with love that cultivate radical awareness, appreciation of self and overall ecstatic wellness within participants and their community with the intention of re-cultivating a deep connection with our Earth mother. Discover more SunderAshni.com


Téa LaMendola

Téa is a Feminist, mother, counselor, writer, and teacher. She lives and breathes with the intention of being present to life as it is unfolding, holding this to be the foundation for self-discovery and growth. She works with a passion for bringing awareness and creativity into the everyday life of motherhood. She believes that peaceful, respectful and conscious parenting can be a powerful way to affect personal and societal change. In our families and our communities, we are forever in an exploration of understanding who we are together, alone, and where these aspects of ourselves meet and join in our relationships.

Téa will be offering: Mothering the Mother: Nourishing Self-Care and Kindness with Each and Every Breath, as well as counsel, support & guidance in the Empowerment Center.

Téa is also co-founder & co-editor of rootandrisequarterly.com– a quarterly online journal for conscious mothering.


Niralli D’Costa

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, Sacred Embodiment teacher, and Energy Healer, Niralli believes that each of us holds within us the wisdom we need to heal and awaken to our own true nature. She draws upon her long-term study of yoga, meditation, and tantra to support people on their spiritual path and healing journey. As a practitioner, she is passionate about serving people who have traditionally been marginalized as she sees social justice as central to our collective liberation, healing, and evolution.

Niralli’s work centers around love. She is committed to helping people unwind from internalized oppression and cultivate radical self love and acceptance. Her workshop offering, Awakening the Inner Beloved, will explore self love, love between self and other, and love in and of community through embodied spiritual practice.

Niralli is a holistic therapist, certified ecotherapist, and teacher and practitioner of innovative energy healing modality Syntara System. She has a private practice in Oakland, CA. where she works with individuals, couples, and facilitates groups. Over the last year she  has been exploring the relationship between social justice and spiritual practice as a teacher in Piedmont Yoga’s Spiritual Justice Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training and she is working in collaboration with the Yoga and Social Justice Conference to present workshops in Northern and Southern California this summer and fall. To learn more about her work, visit her at www.nirallitara.com and www.movementforawakening.com

Devin Febbroriello

Devin Febbroriello has been exploring the spiral path of awakening, healing, and creative expression for her entire life.  The journey has taken her into the depths of being, studying healing modalities from east, west, north, and south, sacred sight, the cosmic truths, and ancient mystical traditions from across time. Devin draws on a deep understanding of the multi dimensional and energetic aspects of the healing and awakening process in her work, through an in depth comprehension of how our life experiences unfold within the microcosm/macrocosm in ways that can nourish or deplete our mind, body, & spirit.  While holding space for deep & intimate process work, Devin maintains a grounded, compassionate, conversational, light hearted and loving approach to supporting others on their path by meeting them wherever they are… honoring their truth, wisdom, and experiences.

With a deep reverence for the earth, diversity, the wilderness within, mindfulness, storytelling, and creativity- Devin weaves the joys of being into her practice through careful attention to subtle energy, intuition, and play. Trained in Usui & Kundalini Reiki, light body energy work, and shamanic dream work, she draws on the wisdom of the sages in everything she brings forth from heart to hand, spirit to sight, and energy to voice.


Claire Moore

Before Claire was a tired-but-happy mom, she was a tireless Montessori Pre-K teacher over 10yrs, birth and post-partum doula, Vipassana meditator, musician and dancer, burning the candle at both ends with lust for life! Her work committed to alternative education with arts emphasis, positive discipline, anti-bias approach, and midwifery model birth, are motivated by reverence to the essential and universal in child & family/community experiences. She believes that the right of birth, attachment, trust bonds, preservation of dignity and sovereignty of the child as whole at each stage of development, is achievable, everyday peace making. Now, as a new parent, she makes a humble debut with positive parenting coaching and workshops.

Claire is a long time Oakland resident, from Berkeley who felt happiest singing alone walking in the creek as a child.