How to attend Spirit Weavers on a budget

How to attend Spirit Weavers on a budget

Do you want to attend the gathering but are not sure that you can afford to do it all? Below we have listed a few ways in which you can easily travel to the gathering and even bring funds back with you if you wish!  Be creative, use our tools and resources and reach out to other attendees for ideas and support!

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  • Apply to come as a Seva Sister your entry is free with exchange of hours.
  • Purchase our lowest tier ticket for sister support.
  • Ride share or carpool with a friend or stranger! We use Ricky rides which is available through the Travel section of the website.
  • Split the cost of a rental car if flying in with a group of women. The Facebook group page is a great place to organize this.
  • If you plan to fly, use miles or look out for sales on flights to Medford (MFR) Alaska, United, Delta & Allegiant all fly direct from major cities.
  • Bring your own food for lunches or potluck with friends.
  • If you don’t have your own camping equipment, borrow some from a friend or family.
  • For classes that require a small fee you can always ask your instructor to barter or trade in exchange for the class.
  • Take classes that don’t require a fee.  There are over 50!
  • Attend the gathering for a Birthday or Christmas gift.
  • If you can, come alone without the children. This will save in many ways.
  • Use our Mighty Network group page for questions and suggestions.

To help fund your travels and time at the gathering, consider vending at the Marketplace.  Many women also bring their goods and items to Sundays trade blanket, it’s free! Be creative and team up with others for ideas and support!