Healing Village

The healing village is a quiet supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration.

Healing Village is a curation of healers offering a range of modalities to help you restore, ground, focus, stretch & grow. During our collective time together on the land, many feel called to turn inward to a more private, quiet space. In this space, womxn can integrate & reflect upon their personal experience in a safe environment while receiving healing support.


We look forward to welcoming you to the healing village as a space for refuge, regeneration, and empowerment at the gathering. We are deeply honored to be of service with utmost integrity, compassion, and respect for the caliber of womxn and work present year to year at the gathering. It is beautiful to witness and facilitate this growth together hand in hand with gratitude, passion, and wild open hearts.

Louise Lodigensky 2017

 Applications for Healing Village facilitators will be found here on this page on March 21st, 2023

To connect in the meantime, please email swghealingvillage@gmail.com


Jessi Cambell

Jessi is a mystic, healer, and artist. She was born with a wild imagination and a fiery passion to change the world. When she was little, she spent most of her time playing make-believe —crushing acorns for potions, leading expeditions through the creek, and speaking at global conventions from under the covers at bedtime. Her first loves were dance and theatre. Then singing and playing the drums. Then plants, gardening, and permaculture. And now – the healing arts. She had always been saddened there wasn’t some kind of mystery school she could’ve gone too growing up. But looking back, she realizes she made her own.

And over time, with these different arts and great care, she has crafted a very personal, very unique, very intimate relationship with the liminal realm. In this magical place between worlds, anything is possible. And she has experienced this firsthand. Again and again.

Her greatest of hopes, is to empower people by reconnecting them to this unlimited resource within and re-establishing their trust in themselves, in life, and in their unseen helpers. This remembrance and restoration of our true nature, she believes, is what will create a better world. The New Earth. The New Way.

Jessi has been practicing Reiki and Energy Healing for five years and serves an ever-growing and beautiful array of clients in Southern California and beyond. She is a Reiki Master + Teacher in the Tera Mai Seichem lineage. She has been certified as an Oncology Reiki Practitioner through Huntington Beach Reiki. She has also graduated from the Art of Conscious Dying & Death Midwifery program at Sacred Crossings and is working on her certification.


Safiya and Jessi are excited to bring their magic together again and humbly hold the sacred container of the Healing Village for great healing, support, and transformation.

Safiya Randera

Safiya Randera is an Earth Based Spiritual Practitioner and Diviner (she/they) living as a settler on the Mississaugas of New Credit, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wyandot/Wendat land. Her people come from Gujrat and Malawi. She has been studying forms of traditional healing for over two decades and although her work blends ancient knowledge of energy medicine, mediumship, rootwork, and shamanic practices her path is one of direct revelation.

She has held sacred circles, facilitated womxn’s retreats, and supported clients in private practice in Tkarón:to (Toronto) for over a decade. Her teachings come from Nature and Water Spirits, Ancestral knowledge as well as spiritual healers from Rootwork (Mary Shultan), Svikiro (Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa), and Dagara (Malidoma Patrice Somé) traditions.

Since her journey to Burkino Faso in 2020 with Elder Malidoma, her medicine evolved and she began channeling “The Nyamping”  who in the Dagara tradition are known as the Ancient Ancestors, the Old Ones, the ones closest to source energy who guard the gates, thresholds, and transitional spaces in all the fractal dimensions of the universe.  She is deeply humbled and greatly honored to be sharing their guidance with clients.