Healing Village

The healing village is a quiet supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration.

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Healing Village is a curation of healers offering a range of modalities to help you restore, ground, focus, stretch & grow. During our collective time together on the land, many feel called to turn inward to a more private, quiet space. In this space, womxn can integrate & reflect upon their personal experience in a safe environment while receiving healing support.


We look forward to welcoming you to the healing village as a space for refuge, regeneration, and empowerment at the gathering. We are deeply honored to be of service with utmost integrity, compassion, and respect for the caliber of womxn and work present year to year at the gathering. It is beautiful to witness and facilitate this growth together hand in hand with gratitude, passion, and wild open hearts.

Louise Lodigensky 2017

Safiya Randera

Safiya Randera is an initiated healer and stick diviner in the Dagara tradition, a lineage originally rooted in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and brought to the West by her teacher Elder Malidoma Somé.

Her practice of stick divination is an indigenous, earth-based practice that facilitates powerful healing and alignment through channelled messages and elemental ritual work. Divination in this tradition is considered a method to ‘open the way’ in one’s life. It is a 50,000+-year-old lineage that connects one to the many immediate forms and doorways of the divine.

She is deeply humbled to be carrying Dagara medicine and sharing it with the Spirit Weavers Community through individual and community divinations.

With over two decades of experience, Safiya has studied traditional healing with Elders, wisdom keepers, and guardians of the traditions in North and South America and Africa.

Safiya’s teachings come from the Wedeme  (elemental beings of the land), the Kontomblé (beings of the water) and are rooted in ancestral knowledge as well as the teachings of spiritual healers from Rootwork (Mary Shultan), Svikiro (Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa), and Dagara (Malidoma Patrice Somé, Mark Bockely, and his teacher Martine Somé) traditions.


Safiya holds sacred circles, facilitated women’s retreats, and supports others in connecting to the elementals and grounding their ancestral medicine.

Safiya is honoured to be holding space and supporting the Spirit Weavers community in the Healing Village.

Andrea Penagos

Andrea Penagos, L.Ac. is Licensed Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbalist, and Energy Worker with nearly a decade of experience in traditional medicine and integrative healthcare. Andrea is honored to assist Safiya Randera in coordinating this year’s Healing Village at Spirit Weavers, while also offering Energy Healing throughout both Sun and Moon sessions. She steps into this support role with gratitude and a deep sense of respect for the Land and the Takelma People.

Andrea’s energy healing work is informed by her training as a Reiki Master (Maa Gyaan Suveera, Syd Yang) and her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and InfiniQi Energy Healing (Ed Sullivan), along with her clinical experience as an acupuncturist and herbalist. Andrea approaches energy healing as a collaborative process between herself, the client, Spirit, and the Land, intuitively guiding the work  while becoming a channel for healing to emerge in unexpected ways. She believes health and imbalance both begin in the subtle body, making energy work a gentle yet powerful healing modality, which she combines with guided meditation, acupressure, essential oils, and flower essences.

Andrea was born on Tongva Land (Los Angeles) and is a first-generation Guatemalan-American woman of Mayan and Iberian ancestry. She currently lives on Coast Salish Territory (Victoria, BC, Canada) where she offers online herbal consults and distance energy work sessions, explores the art of botanical dyes, and continuously marvels at the alchemy that occurs between people, plants, and Spirit.

You can read more about Andrea’s work on her website, or connect with her via Instagram.
Photo Credit: Kristine Lo for Nature and Intent


See our 2023 Healing Village offerings and practitioners below:

Deep Healing' Vedic Council & Transformational bodywork with Zoë (Swara) Tollefson

Deep Healing' Vedic Council & Transformational bodywork with Zoë (Swara) Tollefson

Zoë Swara Tollefson is an initiated Ayurvedic Health practitioner, Esalen Massage Therapist & Soulful Vocalist weaving the living knowledge of the elemental science of the vedas with the somatic integration of bodywork, sound and energywork. In her practice she holds a wide space to support deep listening, compassion and energetic sovereignty in order to reflect and empower the remembrance of our own healer within. Guiding through embodied daily practices (Dinacharya), one-on-one in depth Ayurvedic counsel and experiential learning through the seasons (Rtucharya), she aims to help people to connect themselves as a unique microcosm in a wonderous macrocosmic universe.

Initiated into the Vedika Parampara (a living Vedic lineage), Zoë has spent many years studying at the feet of her beloved teacher, Acharya Shunyaji of Ayodhya, India. She has been immersed in the Vedic path, studying the interwoven sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Advaita Vedanta (non-dual Philosophy) in a living form for the past 15 years. She humbly brings what she has learned and integrated to spirit weavers as an offering for both Sun & Moon sessions.

Zoë lives on the unceded territory of Huchiun, Lisjan (Ohlone) tribal land (Oakland, CA) where she offers in person Ayurvedic Consultations and bodywork at her studio sanctuary MOONGARDEN. She also offers online Ayurvedic Consultation and counseling to clients worldwide.


Somatic Abdominal & Pelvic Healing with Kaelirose and Kate

Somatic Abdominal & Pelvic Healing with Kaelirose and Kate

Kaelirose is a queer parent, Labor and Delivery nurse, somatic bodyworker, sky human. After experiencing the liberation that somatic work necessitated from their own life, Kaelirose began apprenticing to somatic Pelvic Floor Therapy. Kaelirose offers consent at the level of the nervous system, to grow peoples’ skill and appetite for boundaries. Through touch and song, Kaelirose accesses stuck places to reduce pain, increase pleasure, and create connection in the body and psyche.They want this work to radically alter your life. To make your body and your intuition your primary compass.

Kate is a grief worker in the lineage of their keening ancestors, bringing their western education in social systems, therapeutic bodywork, and poetry, together with the ancient healing technologies of Thai massage, ritual theatre, and the ocean. Kate works to offer more safety, center, and pleasure in the body. To tend the thresholds of gender confirmation, pregnancy, postpartum, and death. They move slowly, inviting you to make altars and gardens for that which was lost, taken, violated. Finding and tending the child within. Calling on the memory of the body to lead. Witnessing as healing travels in all directions.

As partners in healing practice, love, and parenting, Kaelirose and Kate delight in the tender, radical process of being human. They offer trauma repair as a prayer toward the safe, equitable, wild, and joyous world that all beings deserve.


Madre Jaguar

Madre Jaguar

Madre Jaguar is a Curandera, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant Oracle, Tarot Reader, Birth Doula and Intuitive Artist.

Madre Jaguar has always walked between the worlds. Ever since they can remember, Madre Jaguar has experienced visions, prophetic dreams, visitations and a strong clear connection to their Spirit team. They are the child of Salvadoran immigrants; of Nahuatl, Mayan, Pipil, and Garifuna descent, born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Mexico, where they currently reside.

A passion for helping others and a strong desire to propel positive change in the world, led Madre Jaguar on a path of self-discovery, reclaiming of ancestral practices and the exploration of different healing modalities including Curanderismo, Reiki and Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Folk Magic, Herbalism and Tarot. They have studied with indigenous healers and teachers in Mexico, Central and South America.

Madre Jaguar believes that Love is our super power. As human beings we are here to bless and be blessed by all of creation. Harmony and Joy are our birthright. Through their healing practice, readings, classes and projects Madre Jaguar’s goal is to help you connect with the inner power, wisdom and magic that lies within; all while helping you remember your Divine origin and unique soul purpose.


Energetic and Functional Therapeutic Massage with Sonia Santvoord

Energetic and Functional Therapeutic Massage with Sonia Santvoord

sonia is fascinated by the human body – a complex matrix, a container for multitudes. she comes from a family of fishers, artists and teachers. she grew up in new york city attending public schools with emphasis on arts in education. sonia dipped her toes in many dance and performance forms during her development, which seeded her interest in traditional health practices and body methodologies. she is an improvisor, a mover, and a collaborator, but always a listener first.

while living in cambridge, mass. sonia taught hatha and restorative yoga with attention to creative/adaptive movement and danced with a local company, ruckus. she attended massage school in boston, where she studied a range of techniques and she began her professional practice and further training with her mentors in 2017. love and desire for adventure brought her across the world to work with her hands on mornington peninsula in australia for a year before moving out to northern california in 2019.

touch is essential to a well regulated life. as a licensed massage therapist, sonia uses her experience in multiple movement modalities, her study of functional anatomy, and her energetic intuition to treat each client with her most sincere quality of care.

sonia loves short stories, stepping on particularly crunchy fallen leaves and walking barefoot on moss.

sonia santvoord will be offering energetic and functional therapeutic massage sessions in the healing village.


Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Therapy with Vanessa Maggio

Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Therapy with Vanessa Maggio

I’m a practitioner of Eastern medicine and founder of Vanessa Holistica. My services, including Facial Gua Sha and Cupping Therapy, help people let go of stress and achieve a clearer, happier mind. I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of these treatments far and wide, and always grateful for new opportunities to collaborate and bring my healing offerings to people all over the world.

At Spirit Weavers, I’m excited to provide caring relaxation services with a holistic approach. My goal is to create a sanctuary where people can relax, heal, and tap into their inner vibrations. I’m ready to help people embrace ageing gracefully and naturally.

Come visit me at my booth to experience the transformative power of Facial Gua Sha and holistic healing. I look forward to helping you relax, rejuvenate, and tap into your inner wisdom.


Soul Retrival Sessions & Psychic Readings with Amber Jane Arquett

Soul Retrival Sessions & Psychic Readings with Amber Jane Arquett

Amber Jane Arquett has helped over a thousand people reclaim soul pieces, see clearly the trajectory they are on, reunite with those on the other side, and clear what’s been limiting their full expression. She has helped remedy repetitive patterns (often across lifetimes) so that people can embody personal power. Her clients find wholeness, clarity, and the freedom to manifest goals and open up the possibilities through her soul retrieval sessions, psychic readings, and clearing. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, on Clackamas and Multuhnoma territories.



Soul Doctoring, Readings, and Blessings with Grandmother Sarah

Soul Doctoring, Readings, and Blessings with Grandmother Sarah

Sarah MacLean Bicknell is a healer, teacher, mentor and dreamer. She has studied healing, visionary and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 30 years.. She has incorporated her Celtic roots into her present North American practice and is sought out for her intuitive readings, dreamwork, teachings, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She has a lifetime dream practice and has been a reader of Tarot since she was 14yrs old. Sarah is the keeper of Night Turtle Dance, a three night-day ceremony which occurs every summer in the Pacific Northwest 2018 saw Sarah celebrating with the tenth year of the Night Turtle Dance, held on the Olympic Penninsula, Wa. Her teaching and healing work continued in Seattle, Wa: Los Angeles; the Bay Area; Johnson City, Tennessee, Cancun, Mexico; Connecticut and the UK. She was present at both Spirit Weavers Sun and Moon sessions She contributed as both an instructor and in the Healing Village. Ceremonies were held throughout the year to include Night Turtle Dance, Questing, Purification ceremonies, MammaBlessing, Death Rites and Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Grandmother Sarah will be sharing Soul Doctoring, Readings, and Blessing in the Healing Village, as well as the classes  Healing the Matriarchal line, and Dream Tracking . 



Craniosacral Biodynamics with Koa Kalish

Craniosacral Biodynamics with Koa Kalish

Koa Kalish is an artist, healing practitioner and educator inspired by the beauty and resilience of the human spirit and the natural world. Believing in the power of creativity and sensitivity to heal and inspire, Koa loves helping others understand and embody their connection to nature and themselves.

Koa is a natural healer with fourteen years of extensive training under four master craniosacral teachers. Her work is deeply informed by her vast breadth of experience working closely with shamanic medicine keepers, mystic spiritual leaders, and quantum healers.

Since 2016, Koa has held a private practice and in 2021 she was asked by one of her teachers to step into teaching. She launched her Breath of Life Course, a program created and synthesized from her studies and her own personal healing quest.

Koa has been recognized for her unique gifts of tapping into the unseen, working with subtle energies, transmitting divinely loving frequencies, and creating space for true healing to occur. Both her private sessions and group immersions are known to be deeply transformative, restorative, and healing.


Reiki Healing with Faith Macauley

Reiki Healing with Faith Macauley

Faith Marie is a reiki master, yoga teacher, and mother of the Heart Center community and two small children. She uses a blend of reiki, shamanic soul retrieval, channeled songs, breath and movement to heal core wounds and integrate soul fragments into your present embodiment. Faith will guide you to bring your own healing love to the source of your wounds for thorough healing that will free you to operate from a place of sovereignty, self-love, and sacred service.


Spirit Baby Communication with Sarah Naia Soleil

Spirit Baby Communication with Sarah Naia Soleil

Sarah’s sequence of being conceived was the initial spark that ignited her passion for the invisible doorways and non-verbal realms that surround us. A mother of 2, Sarah experienced a life-changing transcendent state of consciousness at the age of 20 during the 4-hr birth of her son. This initiation led her to study ancient ways, the intuitive arts, creation, & childbirth, which has been part of her journey ever since. In continual awe of the ever-present & overflowing alchemy available when the portal of creation opens, Sarah has attended 350+ Births as a Doula & Student Midwife.

Consciously contemplating and engaging with the Art of Preconception & Spirit Baby Communication for the last decade, Sarah has also offered 3,000+ Readings to clients & couples from around the globe. In this, her heartfelt dedication and passion is truly transforming the way we perceive the childbearing years. Apart from providing 1:1 Readings, Sarah will also be sharing 2 Classes at the Moon Session: The Doula Path & Spirit Baby Communication.


Tarot with Em Hexe

Tarot with Em Hexe

my name is em (they/she). i am a fourth-generation resident of Brattleboro, VT (unceded Abenaki land). my maternal side hails from Ireland and Italy, landing in Vermont five generations ago. my paternal side came from England and Scotland to Vermont six generations ago through my father’s father’s lineage, and my father’s mother fled here from Estonia as a WWII refugee.

i have been working with the cards since 2007 and began reading Tarot professionally in 2014. i have read for clients in Albania, Australia, Belgium, Bali, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and all across the so-called USA. i have taught Tarot and Dreamwork workshops at the Spirit Weavers Gathering in 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

i have studied Tarot, Somatic Dreamwork and Astrology with teachers such as Rachel Pollack, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Robert Bosnak, Robert Moss, Dr. Leslie Ellis, and Pam Ciampi. i hold certificates in Embodied Experiential Dreamwork, Reiki I and II, and am a pro-bono birth doula and local hospice volunteer. i have served on the Ethics Committee for the International Association for the Study of Dreams since 2018.

i am a portress, a doorkeeper. i move between worlds through the portals of birth, death, dreams, and Tarot. i am grateful to be of service illuminating each individual’s unique truths through the lens of the Arcana.


Curanderismo ~ Council, Limpias, Womb Healing with Esmeralda Zeledon

Curanderismo ~ Council, Limpias, Womb Healing with Esmeralda Zeledon

Esmeralda, a weaver, a faerie and a bridge between the earth and unseen realms. The medicine she weaves is deeply embedded in her bones, channeling ancestral ways of healing from her South & Central American Curanderismo heritage. The space that she holds is grounded in her heart so that she may be a temple of love where healing can take place. She has devoted the previous 7 years to the path of service. She has been blessed with many maestras and maestros along her journey while living in South America and North America. Her modalities include plant medicine and the energetic anatomy of the human body. Each session is harmonized to your heart, and is woven from her medicine basket (Platicas(Council), Limpias(Cleansing), Healing Touch, Flower Essence acupressure, Integral Sound Healing, Cord Cutting, Soul retrieval and Womb Healing.

Ritmos Sagrados/Sacred Rhythms came through at her altar, gifted to her by the Great Mystery. She asked what name could hold the vibration and intention of her offerings. Throughout our path, from seed, to keiki, to wild woman, to the wise elder ~ we move through many cycles and rhythms. Some of these rhythms may hold trauma, unhealed wounds, unspoken truths, and stagnant energy. When left in the shadows, they deplete our vitality, creativity, and heart’s truest expression, clouding our emotional waters ~ leaving us unable to recognize the abundant blessings of our life upon the earth. We become unable to see or feel our divine essence, our sacred rhythm and our innate magic. Therefore, we are unable to be our purest most divine embodiment of our true selves.

Ritmos Sagrados is a sacred space where you can show up exactly as you are, to be seen through the eyes of love and to be not just heard but deeply listened to. Meeting heart to heart with madrecita cacao at the altar, you will be supported by unconditional loving presence. In this space one can surrender fully to be held in the loving embrace of the Spirit of Healing. A space to release all that no longer serves you, to journey safely in the depths of your heart to transform old wounds, traumas, and beliefs. To compost them into the fertile embrace of our Earth Mother. Through this process we may sprout new seeds and return to our Sacred Rhythm.

Somatic bodywork with Namiko Uno

Somatic bodywork with Namiko Uno

Hi there. I’m Namiko Uno (she/they). I am a politicized somatic coach and somatic bodyworker. I’m passionate about healing trauma through the body, building more equitable and just futures, and living a joyful life in service to Spirit.

Somatic bodywork is done fully clothed on a massage table. In this modality, we work through the tissues to the Self. Somatic bodywork includes breath patterns, physical touch to support habitual holding patterns in the body, sounds, gestures, and verbal dialogue to support emotional processing. Through somatic bodywork I can support you to awaken more aliveness in your body, heal historical safety contractions, and come into deeper alignment with yourself and what you care about.

My training/background includes: Certified Somatic Coach & Bodyworker (Strozzi Institute), ICF Certified Coach, Strozzi Institute Teacher Training Team, MA in Gender Studies,BS in Communication, Ethnic Studies, and Psychology, 300-hr RYT in vinyasa, restorative yoga, yin yoga, and yoga nidra traditions, Reiki Level 2 practitioner. My offerings are available at https://www.namikouno.com