Healing Village

The healing village is a quiet supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration.

Healing Village is a curation of healers offering a range of modalities to help you restore, ground, focus, stretch & grow. During our collective time together on the land, many feel called to turn inward to a more private, quiet space. In this space, womxn can integrate & reflect upon their personal experience in a safe environment while receiving healing support.


We look forward to welcoming you to the healing village as a space for refuge, regeneration, and empowerment at the gathering. Heading into our 8th year as a healing community, we are deeply honored to be of service with utmost integrity, compassion, and respect for the caliber of womxn and work present year to year at the gathering. It is beautiful to witness and facilitate this growth together hand in hand with gratitude, passion, and wild open hearts.


Healing Village applications are open from Feb 1 – Feb 15

If you would like to get in touch with the Healing Village you can email



Jessi Cambell

Ever since Jessi was a little girl, she has believed in magic. Always curious. Always imagining. At around 5 or 6 years old, she remembers looking down at her hands, knowing they had healing powers. Her most-loved activities included splashing around in the creek, crushing acorns for potions, air guitar, and pretending to be her favorite animals. Over the years, these first loves have evolved and expanded, but their essence is still the same. From dance to theatre, from permaculture & plants to singing & playing drums in a band, from tea ceremony to reiki… and everything in between, her wild passion to facilitate magical transformation and be a bridge to the unseen is the force behind all her many loves and creative endeavors. All crafted and carried out by her healing hands.

Jessi is a level II practitioner trained in the Tera Mai Seichem lineage. She has also received a Violet flame attunement as well as a YOD attunement, the first of the 21 Egyptian cartouche initiations.

Safiya Randera

A spiritual guide and healer, Safiya acts as a ‘bridge’ between the spiritual and physical planes. She has been studying forms of traditional healing and shamanism for over a decade and has spent countless time learning from Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Guardians of the traditions in North America, South America and West Africa. Her work blends ancient knowledge of energy medicine, rootwork and shamanic practices however her path is one of direct revelation with a deep connection to her Guides, Sufi Ancestors, Nature and Water Spirits.

She holds sacred circles, facilitates retreats and has a private practice based in Tkaron:to / Toronto, Canada.

Safiya is dedicated to helping others identify their medicine so that they can feel empowered to walk in their lives more joyfully and authentically.

2020 HEALING VILLAGE Application are now closed.

All Applicants will be notified by Feb 23rd