Healing Village

The healing village is a quiet supportive sanctuary for intentional exploration.

Healing Village Applications are now closed. Practitioners will be announced by May 1st.

Healing Village is a curation of healers offering a range of modalities to help you restore, ground, focus, stretch & grow. During our collective time together on the land, many feel called to turn inward to a more private, quiet space. In this space, women can integrate & reflect upon their personal experience in an intentionally held environment while receiving healing support.


We look forward to welcoming you to the healing village as a space for refuge, regeneration, and empowerment at the gathering. We are deeply honored to be of service with utmost integrity, compassion, and respect for the caliber of women and work present year to year at the gathering. It is beautiful to witness and facilitate this growth together hand in hand with gratitude, passion, and wild open hearts.

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Louise Lodigensky 2017

Healing Village Practitioner details and agreements:

  • Applications for the Healing Village will be open until April 2nd. We will respond to all applications by April 10th.
  • If chosen as a practitioner, payment for ticket is due by April 15th.
  • The Spirit Weavers team chooses  modalities and offerings to best serve the community each year. We do our best to select a range of offerings based on feedback from the community and what is being called in for that year.
  • Practitioners are encouraged to bring their own supplies/ booths/ setups, and we have rental pop-ups available for those that need them, for an additional charge.
  • The Healing Village practitioners are required to have a ticket to the gathering ($577), and then we charge a 20% fee of all proceeds made during the weekend at the end of the event.  Your ticket to the gathering includes camping, breakfast and dinner, and participation in the gathering activities and offerings each day.
  • Practitioners are welcome to set their own rates, and we usually suggest sliding scale and a range or pricing to accommodate the range of accessibility for those in attendance.
  • There isn’t a minimum or maximum number of hours healers should work, and we encourage healers to decide what feels best for them to share, avoiding depletion and burn out. Usually people will take clients during lunch and evening hours, and if they want to accommodate extra people, they are also welcome to take clients during the class times of the day. It’s up to each practitioner how much they want to share and how many clients they wish to work with during the weekend.
  •  Cancellation policy : Cancellations for full refund must be by 5/15, 50% refund before 5/31, after 6/1 no refunds