What to Bring

This is your own unique journey, come as you are.


  • Tent, solid stakes and mallet
  • Sleeping bag, blankets, ground pad etc.
  • Your own bowl or plate, utensils, tea mug and a water bottle (These will not be provided for you so please do not forget to bring.)
  • Clothes for all kinds of weather.  It can get quite cold in the mornings and evenings so wool socks and beanies will be useful! Layers! Bundle!
  • Sunhat
  • Towel
  • Headlamp/Flashlight, no candles please.
  • Trash bag for your own waste. We wish to leave the land even more beautiful then it was upon our arrival. Pack out what you pack in. Recycling will not be available but there are lots of bins in two to drop your recyclables.
  • A small bag, basket or backpack to carry your essentials in such as water, a shawl, snacks or a blanket.
  • Food for Lunches. Lydia’s organics will be on site selling lunches. There is an Organic Co-op Diggin’ Livin’ 5 mins away with ice. Easy camping food is great! Sharing and preparing meals with friends is always encouraged!
  • Open heart!

If you wish:

  • Blanket/shawl for sitting on the earth
  • Yoga mat you feel comfortable placing upon the earth
  • Folding camp chair. Please sit behind those without chairs.
  • Snacks for in between meals
  • Insect Repellant
  • Journal
  • Musical instruments, drums especially!
  • Solar chargers for phones etc.  The Waka Wakas work great! (Outlets and charging stations will not be available for attendees.)
  • Bathing Suit or not! River is zoned clothing optional
  • Handmade items to donate to scholarship raffle
  • Naturally dyed yarn or fabric strips for the Earth loom
  • Knife for a general utility tool
  • Seeds for the Seed Swap
  • Extra cash for: Classes that may include a small fee, Healing Village sessions, vendors with vintage and handmade goods.
  • There will also be a trade blanket for us all to share our handmade creations on Sunday afternoon. Feel free to bring any handmade items you wish to trade and a blanket or tapestry to lay them out on.

Please remember, if you forget anything, you can probably find it at the CAMP STORE or at one of the thrift stores in town.

We will have a 2 1/2 hour lunch so there is time to prepare food for lunch, shower, explore the land or rest.