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At Spirit Weavers Gathering, attendees are encouraged to come without children as this is a beautiful opportunity for self love, inner work, visions and time for connection with others.  However, we do want to support those caregivers who aren’t able to leave their children behind.

Our Keiki (Children’s) Camp is a safe and nurturing space for children to gather and be supported while their guardians enjoy the Gathering.  The beauty of Keiki Camp is that your child can be outdoors surrounded by forest, meadow, and other children while you get to enjoy a variety of your own classes.

We have a strict maximum number of children we can accept.  Please know that once Keiki Camp is full, we will no longer be offering tickets, and children may not attend the Gathering without a designated Keiki camp ticket.

Something to note, from Caregivers’ previous experiences:

If you are a caregiver who really just wants to be at the gathering, even if that means spending a lot of time with your child in Keiki Camp,  perfect! It’s important with young children to come with no expectations around your experience, or how many or which classes you will be able to attend.  In the past, some attendees who have brought children ages 3-4 have found themselves challenged if they are coming to take classes or really drop in, because they have had to leave classes early to go to Keiki Camp to tend to their child’s needs. Though you are welcome to bring your keiki to some of the Skillshare classes (some instructors prefer to not have children present, check in with the teachers first for each class), we have found that many caregivers are not able to finish their classes or be fully present with their young child there.  We ask that you please tune in deeply about bringing your keiki to the gathering if they fall between the ages of 3 and 4.  Thank you for understanding and for really taking the time to come to your own clarity around this.


Keiki Camp welcomes children ages 3-10, The Moon Beams programs host youth ages 11-16.
Our cut off for boys at the gathering is age 8.

* Keiki Camp will be open only during class times, 9:30-12:30pm and 3-6pm.

* If you have a wagon to bring, it may be nice to have for the walks to camp and classes.

* Please remember to bring change of clothes, water bottle, additional snacks and any other needs to Keiki Camp for your littles.

* Keiki Camp is $398.00 and spaces are very limited and sell out within minutes day of ticket sales, January 20th, 2024.

Examples of Keiki classes from years past:









child in wild flower meadow



The young daughters of Spirit Weavers will have a space of their own this year reminding us of the importance of nurturing the sweet innocence of our inner child.

The Primrose Daughters will hold a sacred space within Spirit Weavers painting a playful and colorful web of wisdom among sisters. A Primrose will begin the journey of connecting to herself and finding her voice with art, nature, and her sisters embracing the here and now before fully moving into the space of the Maiden.

The Primrose Daughters are integrated fully into the Keiki camp, but participants are offered additional workshops and opportunities that are not suited to the younger children. The intention of the Primrose Daughters is to create a space for the “middle-size” children to grow into their roles as Moon Beams. As the Moon Beams are for ages 11 and up, and there are no boy children in Keiki after the age of 8, the Primrose Daughters program exists to introduce and welcome girl children 8-10 into the fold of women-centered spaces and programming. The Moon Beams incorporates more ritual and education suited to the tween/teen child, whereas the Primrose Daughters program is still focused primarily in areas of play and craft, but also begins to introduce the child to more intentional work such as tea ceremony, book binding, recognizing rhythms of our bodies and the earth, yoga and meditation, etc.

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Meet our Keiki Camp Facilitators

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