Call for Community

Join us in the Heart

The Spirit Weavers Gathering is a community-created gathering. One of the main ways to become involved and have your knowledge and perspective represented in our cooperative process is to jump in and help produce this event.

Everyone has unique skills and gifts they have developed on their journey. The Spirit Weavers Gathering provides us all the opportunity to step forward and offer those abilities as a gift to our siblings on their path. We are looking for amazing beings who feel called to become more involved in the heart of this gathering.

If you are feeling that call, please read through this document detailing responsibilities and coverage needed in each area. If one of the open positions speaks to you, please fill out the application below.  You will receive a ticket to the gathering in exchange for your offerings. Some positions will offer a ticket to both sessions of the gathering, and some positions have potential to shift into paid positions depending upon the work.  Since we
 receive multiple applications for most positions,  a video call interview may be requested to determine if you are a good fit for the role.  


Community Health & Well-Being Lead(1 position open)



This is an important but not glamorous job that will require you to miss some class time. Bring your passion for health, can-do attitude, and a willingness to implement wellness guidelines. Successful Health and Safety Coordinators need to be able to give adequate and clear direction, lift and carry up to 50lbs, be on their feet, and provide adequate cleaning & sanitizing materials for seva.


Your main roles and responsibilities will be as follows:


  • Create sanitizing solution daily (diluting appropriate chemical to water ratios that can be safely handled by seva)
  • Refilling hand soaps and dish soaps
  • Maintaining/replenishing cleaning materials (sponges, rubber spatulas, scrape buckets, compost buckets, sani sprays, etc.)
  • Training and monitoring community dishwashing stations (techniques & regular clearing)
  • Oversight of handwashing and public shared space sanitization
  • Dish station cleaning & sanitization
  • Consolidation of compost
  • Checking & Maintaining shared space cleaning schedule
  • Throughout dishwashing service you will be required to remain near the community dish station or kitchen to help monitor, answer questions and refill cleaning & sanitizing items.


Your points of communication: This is a self directed position under general supervision of the Head Chef Casandra Kelly + team, with a production team member point of contact (Samantha Tanis). You will also have a team of 2-4 work trade volunteers under your direction to collaborate with during the weekend.

Pre-gathering work: Meetings with Casandra + team via google meets for interview and to go over work flow before the gathering. Arrive prior to the gathering to set up the kitchen & prep for the coming weeks.

During the gathering:This position will work three daily shifts (June 11th-24th). Each shift during the gathering you will be working with and guiding 2-3 Seva. You will be responsible for stocking and refilling all cleaning supplies, relaying to the head chef when certain cleaning products are running low and are the main point of contact for directing and monitoring community dishwashing lines & proper dishwashing procedures. You will also be responsible for draining and cleaning sinks before and after each meal. It is of utmost importance for Community Health & Safety to be your top priority when handling the aspects of dishwashing, handwashing sanitization and cleaning of public use areas. It is also crucial to know the policies and procedures of what to do when someone is ill on the property and how to respond to the situation accordingly.  We will provide a comprehensive job description for all applications of this position with more details.

Post- gathering: Minimal post gathering work required.

Exchange:  This position is in exchange for $400 per session for a total of $800 for both weeks. You will also have entry to both sessions of the gathering, including all meals, and a tent camping spot in kitchen camp.

Event Cook (1 position open)

Come work with the Spirit Weavers Nourishment Team


This is a FUN and demanding paid work position. We cook for 800 people twice daily, with a lunch served to 200 staff and volunteers. As kitchen staff, you must be able and willing to stand on your feet for 8-12 hours a day, lift 25-50# multiple times daily and maintain food safety at all times- all while having a sense of urgency, timeliness and ability to effectively communicate. This is a tight knit loving team that thrives on a positive work environment and engaging meaningfully as a collective. While we hope you are able to enjoy various aspects of the gathering through classes or workshops, this job is for those who are there to work first and foremost as food is a key and integral part of this gathering.

To Apply:

You must have culinary training and/or have cooked for groups 200+. Submit your resume, a cover letter and three work references to include which sessions you are interested in and what kind of time commitment you can make in your cover letter.


Your points of communication: You work directly with the Head Chef: Casandra Kelly + team. You will communicate with and help lead a team of work trade volunteers during your shifts.

Pre-gathering work: Meetings with Casandra + team via google meets for interview and to go over work flow before the gathering. Arrive prior to the gathering to set up the kitchen & prep for the coming weeks.

During the gathering: Kitchen staff arrive early and are expected to stay and work throughout the duration of the session (Sun, moon or both). Work shifts are 8-10 hours/day, and most kitchen staff work 7-9 shifts per session. You must commit to at least 1 full week (7days) per session. Commitment to both sessions is 14+ days, and will include 1.5 days off between sessions.

Post- gathering: A deep clean and winterization of the kitchen happens on the final day of the second session and for the entire following day. Kitchen staff stay onsite to help volunteers properly clean and close up the kitchen.

Exchange: This is a 1099/W 9 Independent Contract position paid by Spirit Weavers Gathering at a determined hourly rate. You will also have entry to both sessions of the gathering, including all meals, and a tent camping spot in kitchen camp.

Please fill out the form below if there is a position that calls to you.


The application below is for staff positions that are available for the 2024 Spirit Weavers Gathering season.  Instructor applications are closed for this year.


Applications for other areas of the gathering can be found on the VILLAGE pages.

**Please do not use the below form to submit an application to share a workshop or class offering. **

Thank you for your application.


We are grateful that you’re interested in being a part of the Spirit Weavers Gathering.


After you submit your application, you will be redirected to a Thank You page. Please do not navigate away from this form until you are automatically directed there to be sure the form is submitted. You should receive a confirmation email within the hour. If you do not, please reapply. Some applicants like to save their responses in case your app doesn’t go through. Thank you for your understanding.