Wellness Den



We welcome you to a sanctuary of herbal self-care, tucked into the forest at Spirit Weavers Gathering! The Wellness Den at Spirit Weavers Gathering is a safe haven for emergency first aid of the body and spirit. We are offering each of us an opportunity to support your immediate ailments and needs with Earth based plant medicine; extracts, syrups, topical salves, flower essences. This includes a fully stocked pantry of western medical supplies. At Spirit Weavers women have the opportunity to reconnect with traditional skills while living and sleeping close to the Earth for five days. For many, this reintegration into nature can bring up everything, from practical discomforts of walking and dancing with bare feet, to digestive disrupt from eating a simple plant based diet, to emotional reintegration of feeling herself as a human-animal and part of the Earth. We are prepared! Our team of Clinical Western herbalists and a registered nurse arrives to be in service to you, with both plant based and westerns options. We are honored to support our community in their healing and personal empowerment to use natural medicine.

~Kelsey from Heavy Nettle

Many of the plant medicines that we use come directly from the gathering land or from land nearby.  The land includes medicines such as elderberry, rosehips, hawthorne berries and so much more.

Meet Our Wellness Den Sisters


Sun, Moon

Kelsey Barrett is a western clinical herbalist, organic gardener, and nourishing traditional food enthusiast. Kelsey began her studies on a pilgrimage to France, studying traditional European herbal medicine with master herbalist Matthew Wood and flower essences with author Julia Graves. She then completed a six-month apprenticeship in Organic Agriculture at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA followed by a three-year apprenticeship in Western Herbalism at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, CA. Kelsey served as Director and core teaching faculty member at Ohlone for three years while supervising students in the community herbal clinic for one year.  Kelsey’s herbal and environmental insights have been published in Vogue, Edible East Bay and GOOD Magazine. In the past two years Kelsey has focused on connecting and healing our relationship to the archetype of the witch through a plant medicine/storytelling performance “Story of the Witch”, featuring Leah Lamb and Starhawk. Kelsey currently holds a private herbalism practice seeing clients, and has managed  the Wellness Den at Spirit Weavers Gathering for the past four years.

Anja Robinson

Sun, Moon

Anja Robinson is a clinical herbalist, holistic nutrition consultant, birth doula and women’s health educator. She has a small practice where she mentors women to find sustainable wellness solutions; balancing hormones, shifting diet and coming into greater harmony with their natural cycles. This unique perspective of women’s health is steeped in many different traditions- weaving together Ayurveda, Traditional Western Herbalism, Functional Nutrition and Intuitive Womb Wisdom. She hosts workshops and retreats and is passionate about empowering women through education and body literacy. She lives among the trees and native plants on a small homestead here in Southern Oregon. You can find out more about her, and her seasonal botanical medicine apothecary at www.manamedicinals.net (http://www.manamedicinals.net)


Isimot Adewuyi

Isimot Adewuyi is Moon Priestess, Herbalist and practitioner of Sacred Ceremony. She actively uses both herbalism and sacred ceremony to help women achieve and maintain balance, spiritual growth, holistic wellness and confidence in all stages of womanhood. Guided by her zeal and passion for woman’s wellness, she is devoted to helping women hear and follow the echo of the Goddess by encouraging them to dwell in circle and ceremony, incorporate ritual into their daily lives and connect with their healing elders … the herbs.


Sun, Moon
Katherine Novotny

Katherine Novotny (co-leading the Wellness Den) is a western clinical herbal educator & practitioner, a folklore enthusiast, and an urban homesteader/beekeeper.  She hosts workshops and sees clients for in-depth herbal consultations at her brick and mortar – The Indiana Herbal Center.  She is well versed as a Clinical Western Herbalist and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse and Tongue diagnosis.  When she is not communing with wild plants and people,  you can find her sculpting clay or hunting for eclectic/vintage clothing.


Alexandra Hudson

Alexandra Hudson is a strong advocate of self-awareness, nurturing, and love as keystones to personal health. Alexandra has a particular fascination with the processes of the sexual and digestive systems and through her work as an herbalist and pro-dominatrix guides her clients through practices to improve the health of the whole. She is an avid wild-crafter and loves getting sumptuously dirty and delightful cleansed with the elements. Alexandra is a clinical herbalist, trained and practiced at the Ohlone Center.



Coco has been an Emergency Department Registered Nurse for 18 years and certified as a Pediatric advanced life saver PALS, Advanced cardiac life saver ACLS, and Trauma Nursing Core Course TNCC. She has skillfully navigated a variety of diverse healing environments, ranging from a busy Brooklyn trauma center, to a ski resort in the high Sierras, to a roller derby rink. Her passion lies in Integrative Health, and she will soon be finishing her Masters degree in Nursing in to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She integrates her knowledge of shamanic herbalism, energy/Reiki healing, and chakra balancing into her work whenever possible. This is her second year being of service as Camp Nurse at Spirit Weavers.


Sun, Moon

Timber is a two-spirit (queer) medicine warrior who is trained as a farmer, community herbalist, landscape architect, teacher and woodworker. She is the co-founder of FEED Sonoma (www.feedsonoma.com) Her current passion project is the stewardship of Foxhole Farm, a small scale medicinal herb and vegetable operation as well as a sanctuary queers working in the visual and healing arts.



Gloria is a practicing registered nurse with many decades of experience including emergency room, midwifery, behavioral  health, and forensic nursing. She is a strong believer in combining many disciplines of healing and is looking forward to working in tandem with the team of herbalists.



Gardener, Herbalist, and professional belly laugher, Vicky Salcido-Cobbe feels most at home with the plants. After years of chronic illness and self-destructive habits, Vicky’s life changed in an instant when a clinician offered her a bottle of herbal extract as medicine. Since then, she has been amazed time and again by the effectiveness and power of nature’s many medicines for both the human microbiome and earth biome. Her herbal practice is rooted in the concepts of “Folk” and “Abuelita” Herbalism, which celebrate herbalism as the simple and effective medicine of the people. Para los que hablan español, Vicky es parcialmente bilingüe.


Sondra Hamilton

Sondra Hamilton is a Community Herbalist and Ayurvedic Health Counselor who owns Osha Maize Herbal. She started her studies with Shelley Torgove in Colorado, which led her to the Herbaculture internship program at Herb Pharm and apprenticing at the Blue Ridge School of Herbalism. The plants led her to continue studying Curanderismo and limpias in Peru and Mexico learning from the Ancestors and the sacred mountains. She lives upon the pine and madrone in Nevada City, CA www.oshamaizeherbal.com



Paris Rae Iha is a clinical herbalist passionate about supporting people in discovering the connections between health, ecology and herbal  medicine. She provides clinical consultations, intuitive listening, abortion doula services, and conscious contraception information and emphasizes personal sovereignty through education and support. She is co-founder and executive director of the Hawthorn Collective, and teaches and works in administration at Hawthorn Institute.


Saewon Oh

Saewon Oh is an herbalist, medicine maker, artist, teacher and founder of Sun Song, a line of handmade herbal remedies designed for meditative and earth-based healing practices.  She teaches workshops, guides tea ceremonies and offers herbal consultations in Los Angeles.