Wellness Den



We welcome you to a sanctuary of herbal self-care, tucked into the forest at Spirit Weavers Gathering! The Wellness Den at Spirit Weavers Gathering is a safe haven for emergency first aid of the body and spirit. We are offering each of us an opportunity to support your immediate ailments and needs with Earth based plant medicine; extracts, syrups, topical salves, flower essences. This includes a fully stocked pantry of western medical supplies. At Spirit Weavers women have the opportunity to reconnect with traditional skills while living and sleeping close to the Earth for five days. For many, this reintegration into nature can bring up everything, from practical discomforts of walking and dancing with bare feet, to digestive disrupt from eating a simple plant based diet, to emotional reintegration of feeling herself as a human-animal and part of the Earth. We are prepared! Our team of Clinical Western herbalists and a registered nurse arrives to be in service to you, with both plant based and westerns options. We are honored to support our community in their healing and personal empowerment to use natural medicine.

~Kelsey from Heavy Nettle

Many of the plant medicines that we use come directly from the gathering land or from land nearby.  The land includes medicines such as elderberry, rosehips, hawthorne berries and so much more.

Meet Our Wellness Den

Anja Robinson

Anja Robinson is founder of Mana Medicinals, a small holistic health company focused around women’s health, nutrition and empowerment. She is a Clinical Herbalist, Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Lymphatic Breast Specialist and Full Spectrum Birth Doula. Anja is passionate about women’s health and believes that it is every woman’s birthright to have access to a healthy lifestyle in sync with the body’s natural rhythms. She is passionate about whole foods nutrition, botanical medicine and sustainability; for bodies and lifestyles, as well as for the Earth. Anja’s teachings and private practice weaves together traditional western herbalism, holistic nutrition, functional medicine and the wisdom of Ayurveda to help women, families and communities lead healthy, vibrant lives in harmony with our sacred ecosystems.


Timber is a two-spirit (queer) medicine warrior who is trained as a farmer, community herbalist, landscape architect, teacher and woodworker. She is the co-founder of FEED Sonoma (www.feedsonoma.com) Her current passion project is the stewardship of Foxhole Farm, a small scale medicinal herb and vegetable operation as well as a sanctuary queers working in the visual and healing arts.

Dana Aronson

Trained as a clinical herbalist, Dana takes joy in community based, hands on learning. She focuses her studies on bio-regional plants from the Pacific North West and intertwines them into her small practice based in Oakland CA. After finishing a 3-year clinical herbalism program in Berkeley, CA, she found her curiosity leading her to assisting in herbal pop up clinics. Her current project has been offering herbal abscess wound care for a needle exchange program in West Oakland. Along with pop up clinics, she teaches in the classroom, through community herb walks, and cultivates her product line, Wild Kin Botanicals.

Katherine Novotny

Katherine Novotny is a western clinical herbal educator & practitioner, a folklore enthusiast, and an urban homesteader/beekeeper.  As a Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild, she believes in seasonal health care and empowers her students to pursue healing through backyard gardens, kitchen potions, and deepening their connection to local forests.  Novotny facilitates an herbal apprenticeship program called :: PLANT as PORTAL :: and sees clients for in-depth herbal consultations at her brick and mortar – The Indiana Herbal Center (@Indianaherbalcenter). She is well versed as a Clinical Western Herbalist and in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse and Tongue diagnosis.

Alexandra Hudson

Kristen: Camp Nurse Sun

Alexandra Hudson is a strong advocate of self-awareness, nurturing, and love as keystones to personal health. Alexandra has a particular fascination with the processes of the sexual and digestive systems and through her work as an herbalist and pro-dominatrix guides her clients through practices to improve the health of the whole. She is an avid wild-crafter and loves getting sumptuously dirty and delightful cleansed with the elements. Alexandra is a clinical herbalist, trained and practiced at the Ohlone Center.

Alli Dalton: Camp Nurse Moon

Alli Dalton was born in Southern California, and has been in the Bay Area since 2016. She graduated from Nursing school in 2012 and has been an ICU Registered Nurse since then. She has done a mix of travel nursing, working at various festivals, and international medical missions.
In 2020 she completed a Clinical Herbalist program at Berkeley Herbal Center, and now treats clients for various health conditions using herbal medicine and a holistic, integrative framework.
Alli’s love for both allopathic and natural medicine inspires her to help weave the worlds together.