Self Care

Sauna & Shower Houses

We are honored to provide unique and beautiful facilities for all who attend the gathering to cleanse, nourish and take care of themselves during their time on the land. We have worked hard to keep these spaces looking and feeling sacred, clean, and one of a kind.

Being communal spaces for us all to share, it’s important that we all take responsibility to keep these spaces looking and feeling sacred and clean!  This means cleaning up after yourself – never leaving empty bottles, hair-ties, loose hair, towels, or other personal items in the sauna.


The Spirit Weavers sauna experience is one to not miss. A dream for all sauna enthusiast alike who enjoy the opportunity to nourish their Body, Mind, and Soul anywhere they to go. We are happy to have the sauna available all throughout the gathering, morning noon and night.  Please remember to bring a towel to sit upon, wash your feet in the basin and no shoes on the sauna deck, and no essential oils or strong fragrances in the sauna.

And of course, don’t forget about our mile long river stretch that awaits your daily dips!

Thank you for holding our communal spaces in love and reverence while on the land