Sage Age Nest - Spirit Weavers Gathering
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Sage Age Nest

Sage Age Women

In a time where we have forgotten so much, the value of true elders cannot be underestimated as they serve as the storytellers, the lineage holders, the initiators of the young, and the holders of vision. These are the ones who have gathered a rich array of life experience through laying the foundations of the paths that we now walk upon, and have the gift to distill that experience into wisdom with a willingness to share with their community. We are thrilled and honored to welcome many wonderful sage age women to the Spirit Weavers Gathering!

This year we have added a special “Sage Age” ticket of $333.00 for those 60 0r over.  These tickets will not be transferable and will be available through our regular registration day January 13th at 10am pst. 

Some notes of conduct:

There will be a designated space for the use of our elders this year, the Crone’s Nest. Let us honor this space as a place of rest and rejuvenation.

When you see an elder out and about, ask permission before you engage them in conversation or ask a question. As a sisterhood, we have the opportunity to weave a culture of honor and respect in the village we will co-create.

Be discerning about what is important to speak with an elder about, and what you can find support for within your peer group. Attend the classes they offer to get to learn more about them, and honor their space and energy level.

Meet Our Sage Age Women From 2017 (2018 Crones will be added in the new year)

Sweet Medicine Nation

Sweet Medicine Nation (Chickasaw/Choctaw/French/Irish) is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and healer who guides and initiates personal growth in others with her eloquence, wisdom, and gift for serving others. She awakens us to the personal and social value of earth stewardship, honoring the wisdom of natural ways to benefit ourselves and Mother Earth.

Sweet Medicine is involved in numerous local and International groups, federal agencies, endangered species research, and riparian studies and education. She is also a master of edible and medicinal plants of the local region in Central Oregon. Her background in Alternative Medicine, Midwifery, and Herbology, along with her written articles and books based on medicinal and edible native plants, compliments her heritage and love of sharing natural knowledge.

Sweet Medicine will be at both the Sun and Moon sessions.

Sarah and Martina

Sarah and her 93 year old Mother Martina are Guatemalan Mayans, traditionalists in lifestyle. They have been weaving since they were little girls. Sarah and Martina love to teach weaving, because in their world, people are woven from corn, its what they say, to bring life and weaving together is very important in their culture. Sarah and Martina love to share and exchange cultural and artistic ways of seeing thing through many forms of textiles.

Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun

Grandma Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun is bloodline shamanka with epigenetics from Mongolia, Tuva, Siberia and northern Finland. Traveling for 15 years, Kaariina is an energetic adept, a strong and fierce light for truth and a discipline healer for humanity. Her passion is for nonviolence and purpose: to end the lies of separation from source. She longs for family reunions and lives the Way of Council, knowing that partnerships can be alchemized and traumas no longer serve as a basis for conversations.

Kaariina comes to us in June 2016, after months of initiating reiki masters, coaching permaculture initiatives, offering sweatlodges with many traditional lodge holders, listening often in the wild to the heart of pachamama, and aligning to the prophecies: eagle Quetzal Condor, the Whirling Rainbow, the 8th Sacred Fire, and that of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Bowing down to this fourth annual gathering of spirit weavers.

Grandma Kaariina will be at both the Sun and the Moon Sessions.

Julia Parker

Julia Parker is a California Indian who has dedicated her life to learning, teaching and continuing the cultures of her people. She was born in 1928 in Marin. Her mother who was Kashia Pomo and her father who was Coast Miwok. Her parents died when she was young and she was sent with her brothers and sisters to Indian school. When she was 17 she married her husband Ralph and moved to live with his family in Yosemite. Ralph is the last full-blooded Mono Lake Paiute Indian. Ralph’s grandmother, Lucy Telles, was a very famous basket weaver and worked in the visitor’s center museum in Yosemite. Julia spent many hours with Lucy watching and learning how to gather materials from the natural landscape and to make beautiful and useful baskets from those materials. When Julia was ready, Lucy began teaching her to weave her own baskets. Julia never had a grandmother to teach her such things so she was very thankful. Julia had natural talents for making baskets and Lucy couldn’t teach her everything she wanted to know. Julia was trained by all the famous Native Californian basket weavers.

Enoli Foti

Enolia, Orator is Changing Times Woman. She walks the path set before her to Teach, Heal and Empower.

Enolia has traveled around the world to study with many native medicine people. Spanning the Ojibwa nation of Canada, Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, Apache nations of the U.S., the Q’eros of Peru, the Mapuche of Chile, the Toltec of New Mexico and the Luhya of Kenya. Bringing back the gift to heal the luminous body at an energetic level.

Enolia is certified as a Reiki Master and is currently a graduate of Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Light Body School where she received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q’eros Indians of Peru.

Her skills fully spanning the many facets of Energetic Medicine, Language of Light, drumming, sound healing with drums and tuning forks and the arts. All focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.

By sharing the ancient practices and teachings through modern empowerment workshops, retreats and focused classes, Enolia has become a Modern day Medicine Woman.

Trish Gallagher

Trish has been a life long student of the natural world and our relationship to the plants and animals that share that world with us. Teaching from direct experence for many years at Northern California Womans Herbal symposium, Terra Vita, Seeds Laguna, Motherland School of herbology. Portland Plant Medicine and many other events on the west coast. She is a member of Spirit Song Community founder of WilddevOcean Seaweed Collective and works as a massage therapist and herbal consultant at Middletown massage & Acupuncture collective.It is her greatest pleasure to share teachings with others while enjoying the outdoors.

Trish Gallagher will be sharing Seaweed as Food & Health and Seaweed Gathering & Baskets.

Sarah Bicknell

Sarah MacLean Bicknell is a healer, teacher, and mentor. She has studied healing and ceremonial work in North American indigenous traditions for 25 years. She has incorporated her Celtic roots into her present North American practice and is sought out for her intuitive readings, workshops, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She stands in her deep gratitude to her elders and teachers that have gone before her, and stands firmly in her own vision – a vision that is related and crafted for these times of the 21st century. Her work is about connection, community, ceremony and respect.

Also raised in the Western world, she has lived the loss of disconnection and is profoundly thankful to her indigenous elders that have taught her how to re-arrive more fully into her life.   Sarah was adopted by ceremony, into the Ghosthorse family 1991, Sungleska Nation, She stands in deep honor to her elder council/mentors which over the years has been Aricelli Dominguez, Adalberto Rivera,(Maya) Wallace Black Elk, Buck Ghosthorse (Lakota) Paul Ghosthorse. Rod Mcafee (Sungleska) Donna Carlita, Hernando Salazar (Inca, Peru), Youseff Bashir (Berber, N. Africa) Betty Bergstrom, (NW coastal, Norse, Scottish) ), Francesca Boring (Shoshone, N Native European) Harold Blood, Carolyn Hillier, K.Trevelyan (N Native European) and to the many around the world that she has sat and stood in ceremony with.

Sarah will be sharing Dream Tracking and Ceremony Basics.

Luana Lynch

Luana Lynch is a desert dweller, teacher, counselor, artist, respected elder and ceremony leader, who in her eighties is writing “Coyote Parenting”, her first book, which encourages and teaches young children and parents how to participate fully in family communication. She leads Vision Quests and women’s retreats in her temple-like home in Joshua Tree, dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. A pioneer in healing play, she brought Sand Tray play to Marine Corps families in 1990.

Her upcoming book tells the story of Luana and her husband taking their four very young children in a camper and living in Mexico for three years, culminating in a deep mentorship with jungle shamans in southeastern Mexico. While still young, her husband Jerry was lost to cancer, a diagnosis predicted by the shamans. She and her husband were international Magic Circle trainers, which, in practice, ultimately became their family communication practice and a way of life with the whole family, which is now known as Coyote Parenting. Since it was our children who taught us another way to parent, Luana will be joined with her daughter, Cindy Lynch, who teaches art in high school where she is dedicated to bringing out the inner artist in her students.

Carmen Baraka

My Indian name is Spirit Warrior. There are many paths to Creator, I have walked quite a few. I believe the more paths, the bigger your world. I have held Native American Circles for women and girls for over 30 years. My work is about finding your core truth. Spirit Awakening through Ceremony, connecting with Ancestors and Spirit Guides, and embracing Mother Earth and her messages.

My Apache Grandmother was my mentor she lived to ninety eight and my Columbian Peruvian Grandmother was a Shaman who lived to one hundred and three I learned from them both. When I am in Ceremony they and other grandmothers Ancestors and guides lead me. I wrote the Native American piece for Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler allowed for the first time Native women to write their Monologues so I was able to write and preform with five other Native women. I have also spent time at Standing Rock, North Dakota and am working hard with my Apache Tribe to fight this and the mining at Oak Flat Arizona. I spoke at the United Nations last year about the plight of Native women and girls and saged all of the UN flags, it was historical.

Deni Woodruff

Deni Woodruff is the mother of Spirit Weavers Founder Mea. Deni was raised in Southern California and has created two beautiful homesteads with her partner of 45 years also named Denny. They have 3 children together and 3 grandchildren. For Deni, Family is everything. Though life trials and tribulations, Deni has developed a strong and open heart. Deni has raised all kinds of animals and has spent much of her time with horses and her loving canines. She loves spending time outdoors in her gardens and on her land. She also spend a good amount of time at the Colorado River with her family. Deni has recently discovered meditation and is looking forward to learning about her deeper callings through the simplicity of silence. Deni has been a huge support in the process of the gathering since the very first one which was held on her land. She is honored to be a part of the Crones Nest!

Hannah Jermstead

We are grateful to have Hannah create a warm and loving space for our Crones! A fierce devotee of soul, Hannah has dedicated her life to the exploration of truth and authenticity rooted in a deep love of existence. Her path is guided by spirit and informed by darkness as she walks with vertical alignment in a culture numbed by horizontal connection, utilizing every moment to deepen her practices.