Yogic Breath, Meditation & Song: A Throat Chakra Workshop with Laura

Yogic Breath, Meditation & Song: A Throat Chakra Workshop with Laura

Group singing is a powerful tool for healing the soul and connecting with the whole in nearly every culture and spiritual group around the world. Singing in a group allows one to surrender the ego and sometimes enter a trance state. This 2.5 hour long workshop will begin with pranayam (yogic breath) to expand lung capacity and a meditation to activate and open the vishuddah (throat chakra). We will learn about how to access and explore the different vocal resonators in the body. The group will learn a few medicine songs from around world with transcendent harmonies to sing together as a group and will generate an original vocal score for a very therapeutic and heart opening experience.


About Laura Frank

Laura is native to and based in the heartland, Kansas City, Missouri where she owns a yoga studio – Inner Space Yoga. It is her mission as a yoga studio owner and teacher to provide a safe and nurturing space to heal, grow, learn, and expand consciousness.


Laura has a background in performing arts. She has trained, performed and taught with vocal and movement masters around Europe and the US for the past 15 years.

In the past, she worked in these traditions to generate material for performances but when she found herself on the medicine path, Laura finally recognized the healing power of movement, song and mantra. She has since begun to work with medicine songs in spiritual practice. Laura will be traveling to Peru this January to work with Shipibo maestros.



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