Yoga & Movement

Welcome to the 2018 Spirit Weavers Gathering offerings to the sacred body.  This year we are offering our physical all-inclusive classes in three categories:

Sacred Dance // Yoga // Meditation & Sound Healing

What is unique to our pod of guides is that all of our class offerings are open to the entirety of the gathering. We are here to serve as a grounding force for your overall Spirit Weavers experience. In order to properly absorb any data or information from the gathering, we have to allow that information to digest properly. We are here to better serve your transitions int he physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm. It is essential that we all journey with Grace as we deepen into our path. All classes are free and between 30 to 90 minutes.

Below are the 2017 classes. All new 2018 classes will be added in December.


Opening Space: Directional Embodiment + Sound Healing with Maria


Opening Space: Directional Embodiment Sound Healing with Jaclyn

Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony with Jolene

Soul Flow

Soul Flow with Candice

Awakened Feminine Kirtan Meditation with Adriana

Mother Earth Dance Installation

Gaia Goddess Celebration with Judy

Lauren Meyer



Sacred Movement Temple with Angelica

Danza Medicina with Morena

Flower and Flow with Davana



Opening Space: Directional Embodiment + Sound Healing with Maria

Kundalini Yoga with Taylor Eyewalker

Relax, Let Go, Feel Good

Relax, Let Go, Feel Good with Sibyl

Danza Medicina with Morena

Sunset Meditation

Guided Meditation with Tamara

Dance of the Divine

The Dance of the Divine with Halo


Luscious Movement & Breath with Meghan

Flower and Flow with Davana


Opening Space: Directional Embodiment Sound Healing with Kassia

Lauren Meyer


 Yoga & Movement Facilitators:

Maria Cauldron


Maria has been honored to have taught Yoga at the past 4 Spirit Weavers Gatherings, as well as curating the Yoga and Sacred Movement village this year alongside Sybil Buck. Maria is half Peruvian. Her Father is a world renowned traditional Peruvian Folk musician and her mother an Artist. She was raised by her Andean Abuelitos; Her Abuela a communal healer, and her Abuelo a Huayno vocalist. In her youth she developed a deep connection to her Andean heritage through several folkloric Art mediums. Her journey began with the creative sacred body at a young age through figure skating, competitive diving, and 110m Hurdles and has always been drawn to challenging the body and its relation to time and space. In 2002, she was diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis leading her to Yoga in 2003. This experience opened the doorway of navigating varying modes of holistic medicine and energetic healing from her Andean heritage. Much of her strength to overcome illness was driven by her spiritual ancestry in order to draw intuitive stability.

She is a 200 RYT and has been teaching Yoga for 9 years. She is also an interdisciplinary folk, social, and performance artist and her classes are always a reflection of her art and social practice. For 5 years Maria hosted Yoga in The Park in Kansas City, MO, which installed amongst the sculpture garden each week. She draws the majority of her inspiration from comparing varying cultural modes of the spiritual and ritual realm, as well as a deep love for understanding body chemistry. Maria’s practice resonates most when relating all beings to our underlying elements that connect us to Pachamama.

Sibyl Buck

Sibyl Buck is a passionate teacher who’s warm love for her students is palpable.  Teaching is Sibyl’s third career, after successful stints as a high-fashion model in the ’90’s, and later as a touring bass player and back-up vocalist, which careers took her several times around the world. She brings the depth of her life experience to her teaching, which is rich in metaphor, insight and authenticity.  Sibyl is currently enrolled in the year-long Yoga Therapy Certificate program at Loyola Marymount University, taught by Larry Payne, Leslie Kaminoff, Dr. Eden Goldman, Dr. Rick Morris, among many other health care and yoga professionals, and her offerings as a yoga teacher are devoted to health and well being.  Sibyl’s influence from Annie Carpenter, Jasmine Leib, Jillian Pranksy and Maty Ezraty is evidenced by a style balanced between strength-building, alignment focused movement, and deeply meditative and relaxed stillness.  Sibyl is an anatomy enthusiast, which knowledge she shares during class, leading students to a deeper understanding of the why and how of yoga. Expect to find yourself propped up by pillows, blankets and blocks at least once, and prepare for maximum yoga bliss! Sibyl will be returning for her third year to co-lead the Yoga Village with Maria Calderon.