Classical Egyptian Shimmy Sequences with Trisha McBride

Classical Egyptian Shimmy Sequences with Trisha McBride

All levels welcome. You are a woman and this worksop is all about the brilliance of moving and owing that strong, yet soft divine feminine. We are coming back to the origins of belly dance in this modern age as we gather again to dance for each other and shake off what is stagnant and “stuck” in our systems. To empower our bodies through the expression of our spirit, to ground our feet and open our crowns open to the heavens. We will be stepping back in time during this workshop to learn ancient techniques that flood the system with goddess vibration. Truly becoming the vessel for her to move through us. Our ancestors really knew what they were doing in the temples of the goddess. Reclaiming belly dance and its origins as a tool, and a direct link to goddess consciousness.


This is a 3-hour class.





About Trisha McBride

Trisha believes in natural medicines, yoga and dance together is what she calls movement medicine.


A belly dance instructor since 2003 and a full time yoga instructor since 2010, teaching under a thousand hour RYT via Dana Baptiste’s In Body Academy.  Trisha deeply believes in her path through healing herself and teaching others to do so through the union of yoga, ritual, and strong tribal belly dance.


She shares myth and old magic within her teachings, to connect her students to a deeper and ancient part of themselves.


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