The Lotus Temple with Trisha McBride

The Lotus Temple with Trisha McBride

A perfect blend of yoga, pranayama, chanting, temple dance and Shakti oriented belly dance.


All dance & yoga levels welcome. Get ready to dive into each and every chakra with specific mudras & dance poses designed to target the mainframe of your chakra centers. Learn each chakra mudra that awaken and open these centers. I will be teaching you a choreography that you can take with you and use a “movement meditation” at any time. Fine tune your chakras and light up your ” Lotus Temple” ! You can also expect to get into trance chanting and breath work aka paranayama and belly dance within this workshop. Step into this extraordinary process of healing as we discover the lotus temple within.


There is no greater way to jump start your body, than to spend quality time within ones self as we surge through waking, fine tuning, resetting, opening and balancing our chakras together. Feeling run down? un motivated? even sad? its time to super charge your system. Join me as we dig deep into our roots to connect and ground our energetics. Activating Shakti to stir and light up each chakra. This 6 hour workshop is about bringing great change as we shift deeper into the center of our being. Discover the healing powers of working IN DEPTH within each chakra


LENGTH: 6 hour worksop (can be broken up over two days) students can opt to take both or just one worksop


About Trisha McBride


Trisha believes in natural medicines, yoga and dance together is what she calls movement medicine.


A belly dance instructor since 2003 and a full time yoga instructor since 2010, teaching under a thousand hour RYT via Dana Baptiste’s In Body Academy.  Trisha deeply believes in her path through healing herself and teaching others to do so through the union of yoga, ritual, and strong tribal belly dance.


She shares myth and old magic within her teachings, to connect her students to a deeper and ancient part of themselves.


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