Lunar Rhythm with Centehua Deneken

Lunar Rhythm with Centehua Deneken

Centehua_Deneken_250x250Centehua is a movement alchemist and mother. Her passion for movement lead her to create a dance practice for women called – Lunar Rhythm – Feminine embodiment through creative movement. This is the result of her inquiry and discovery between movement, our connection to each other, the earth and the moon’s cycles. Her passion is to translate dance as medicine, as nourishment. The practice is centered around the womb space, it is here where women hold the world, it is our creative center. Her intention is to assist women in the remembering of their sacredness and to cultivate a ritual of self acceptance, reverence and love for their bodies.


Centehua is honored to be the mother of two bright souls who have inspired a deepening in connection to her body and Spirit. Her dance has evolved from classical ballet and modern into Tribal style belly dance and West African.


Centehua is currently reclaiming dance as a sacred healing art form in San Diego where she resides. She is also collaborating with her brother Alan Deneken in creating dance rituals and performances.


Her name means Unity in Nahuatl – Centehua is native to Mexico and has deep love and respect for her earth based spiritual roots.


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