Good Morning Grounding with Antoinette Aurell

Good Morning Grounding with Antoinette Aurell

IMG_2102 (1)Antoinette’s guided meditations are sensorial, explorative, always deeply nourishing & centering. We will begin by allowing the Cosmic & Earth energies to flow through our bodies. As Antoinette attunes to the energy of the women present, she will channel a suitable guided grounding experience, wandering through an inner map to stillness. All levels of meditators are welcome!










About Antoinette Aurell

IMG_2023Antoinette Aurell, founder of Ouroboros Healing Arts, is a student of life, artist, yogini, shamanic practitioner, facilitator of healing, and crystal light worker whose mission (& passion) is to be of service in raising consciousness – starting with herself and around her, one by one – to co-create a world of peace, dignity, and beauty; remembering our divinity and sacred connection to Spirit, Mother Earth, and All-That-Is.


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