Let It Be with Tamara Edwards

Let It Be with Tamara Edwards

We will sit in circle as a collective of goddesses under the redwoods for a meditation that brings one into the purest state of being using one element that is constant – the silence…. behind the sounds. We will use listening as our guiding light within. Learn how to connect to the living forces surrounding you and within you to free your mind, ease your nervous system, and tap into the ever present nectar of life just beneath the surface. Could it get any better? Let’s gather, sit……be.








About Tamara Edwards

FullSizeRenderTamara grew up in a meditating household. Her father, an M.D and a practicing Ayurvedic physician, learned Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi in the 70s. Tamara saw first-hand her father’s inspiring practice and transformation, but it wasn’t until a searing heartbreak in 2007 that she saw the discipline as a lifeline out of her anxiety and her limiting career as a model, which had her feeling trapped in a world of in-authenticity. Tamara was motivated to learn TM and start a yoga practice within the same week. Fast forward 8 years past a soul-searching 2 month pilgrimage to mother India, a transformational Saturn Return, and many eye-opening rites of passage to present day, where Tamara stands as a symbol of the transformational power of a disciplined practice of meditation to the community around her. Beginning just over 2 years ago in NYC, Tamara founded The BE Society, a nomadic meditation group gathering in myriad locations; private lofts, galleries, rooftops, etc.


Tamara has since traveled to cities around the world to establish a global network of groups who meet weekly simply to BE together. Alongside her career as a film producer, Tamara travels internationally sharing meditation with private individuals, companies, and even film sets. Her style of teaching is based on her own experience of healing herself through the practice of going within. Tamara now resides in Hollywood, building the first BE Hive, an urban sanctuary in the heart of Los Angeles for creatives to rejuvenate, create, and inspire opening Spring 2016.


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