Naked Divine Chakra Journey with Amber & Jenn

Naked Divine Chakra Journey with Amber & Jenn

Voyage on a journey and dive deep into your Naked Divine truth through each Chakra. Calling in guidance from the Divine we will invite spirit to move through us and guide us to deepen our awareness of the powerful energies we hold within. Raw and vulnerable in our truth we explore where we are deficient and where we are in excess to find harmony within each energy center. Journeying though past, present and future we face our traumas and shadows with strength, grace and connection to sisterhood. Through various practices we will embody balance as a Path to the Self. Individually and in circle we will embark in grounding movement, ecstatic dance, naked tribal markings, Yoni Sol gazing, yoga, chanting, soul revealing practices, and much more.







About Amber & Jenn

Amber-and-Jenn-Beach-spirit-weaverNaked Divine grows from the hearts of soul sisters Amber Deylon and Jenn Parma, certified yoga instructors, healers, and circle facilitators. These sisters first connected at Devi Yoga for Women Teacher Training, and found their united desire to offer healing practices in a unique way.


The circle is a safe and sacred space where we remove the veils concealing our true divine Self. We strip down walls and dive deep into our shadows to uncover the raw, naked essence of our true nature. Together in sisterhood we invite the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory, pain, passion and vulnerability. This is a powerful transmission of grace and awakening from Great Spirit. As Spirit Weavers, through the wisdom of the trees and loving embrace of Mother Earth, we connect deeply within. We gather to mirror, empower and celebrate each other in love. Our circle commitment is to compassionately embrace our whole selves in our beautiful naked divinity.


“The more vulnerable you, are, the more powerful you become. It takes more courage to be open than closed” -unknown


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