Kundalini Dance with Wahe Kahlsa

Kundalini Dance with Wahe Guru Kahlsa

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With the influence of Kundalini Yoga, and the spirit of India in Wah’s blood, Kundalini Dance was born! It is an active and spirit moving class. Kundalini Yoga is always the opener for this class, giving us a chance to go inward and get into our breath, body and spirit. After yoga comes the dance, with music from around the world we boogie, shimmy and shake out all that we wish to no longer hold. Making space for spirit and joy so we can live totally free! Yogi Bhajan taught us to live life with courage, what better way to explore and express our courage then to dance and be free!














About Wah

Wah, daughter of Gurmukh and Guru Shabd was born into a lineage of yogis. Schooled in India, Wah is a true modern day yogi and global citizen who still travels the world in her spirited commitment to serving humanity. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher and student of Yogi Bhajan she uses the technology of yoga and its teachings to navigate through life and uplift all who cross her path. You can find her teaching at Golden Bridge Yoga or catch her on one of her soulful teaching treks around the world. Wah is also the Director of Golden Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica and New York City. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring women to live to their fullest potential. She believes the term “ladies first” is taking on a whole new meaning, it is through women that this world will change. As the Hopi elder spoke, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”.


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