Canvas tent and yurt rentals are great for those who are flying in and and are wanting to travel lightly. Many of us, including Instructors and work trade, will be sleeping on the earth in our own tents which is encouraged. Sleeping upon the earth and under the stars is one of the most natural healing modalities we have. The earth is a rich source of electrons and by getting outside, barefoot, touching the earth, and especially sleeping upon the earth, we can allow the excess charge in our bodies to discharge into the earth, which can alleviate a huge amount of stress and pain stored into your system.

IMPORTANT: If you are joining us for both the sun and moon sessions and would like to pay for a tent or yurt for both sessions, you must purchase each sleeping arrangement separately. For example, if you would like to purchase a yurt for both the sun and moon sessions, you will have to purchase the yurt for one session, and then return to this page and click through to purchase the yurt for the second session.

The Yurts and Stout tents are rented directly from the companies themselves.  They are hired on through Spirit Weavers to provide additional accommodations for our attendees.  Feel free to add an additional Stout Cot to any of your own personal tents or tent rentals.

Accommodation Rentals will be available for purchase here on January 21st at 11AM PST

Canvas Belle Tents
Canvas Yurts

Terms & Conditions

When you purchase accommodations for Spirit Weavers Gathering 2024, you agree to the following:

Refunds – There are no refunds on Accommodations

Transfers – If you would like to transfer your accommodation to another Spirit Weavers 2024 attendee,  your original email confirmation must be sent along to the new recipient and presented at the Accommodation check in at the gathering.  Spirit Weavers is not responsible for any lost accommodation emails. You cannot transfer to Spirit Weavers Gathering 2025.

Sleeping Support