Awakened Feminine Kirtan & Meditation with Adriana Rizzolo

Awakened Feminine Kirtan & Meditation with Adriana Rizzolo

Using the traditional practice of kirtan and spirit guided meditation together we connect to the powerful Shakti to illuminate, and unleash the Wild Love and Wisdom of Spirit. We chant to heal, nurture, nourish, and honor the Divine Feminine within each of us and within everything. The focus will be on cultivating self-forgiveness, raising our energetic vibration for the good of all, unleashing the creative fire within and experiencing the unconditional love of the awakened feminine heart! Inspired chants, poems and meditations for the wild and wise female mystic.









About Adriana Rizzolo

12208492_10206675990675298_6867317905602401081_n-1Adriana is an intuitive healer and writer, yoga and meditation teacher, singer, Reiki master, creative wild woman and co-founder of Awakened Feminine, an offering for women committed to transformation and supporting each others empowered living. Her passion is in helping women connect to the wild sacredness of their body, tender heart, pelvic wisdom, authentic voice, and to the immense healing power of their soul beauty and love. She helps women find their unique fire and build an authentic connection to Spirit through mentorship and healing meditation, yoga, movement, ritual and kirtan.


Adriana been on a fierce journey of liberation over the past ten years, studying intensely with meditation master David Harshada Wagner for 5 of those- training in Living Meditation and the wisdom traditions of India. On her 4 pilgrimages to India, she discovered the light on a path of devotion as well as her longing to unleash the awakened feminine heart within. Grace has helped her moved through shame, trauma, closed voice, blocked creative expression, addiction and anxiety, and she now humbly walks the path of a wounded healer.


She supports women in sobriety and getting in touch with their innate power to heal and create freely. She loves to nurture community, intimacy and connection to Spirit and between women in a fun, powerful and practical way. She is ecstatic to join the Spirit Weavers team of awesome this year. Visit her at She will be leading Awakened Feminine Spirit Kirtan & Meditation classes.


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