Victory Dance Thru Movement and Music with Bibi McGill

Victory Dance Thru Movement and Music with Bibi McGill

DJ BibiEarly civilizations danced as a method of healing and creative expression, but over time we have been conditioned to shut down or detach from our feelings. Our modern day culture persuades us to dance in a way that is “cool” or “hip,” rather than free and uninhibited.


Come experience a victory dance—movement that radiates liberation, rather than self-consciousness. Similar to the flow of a yoga class, we will gradually rise into an ecstatic state before gently winding down to savasana’s state of rest and rejuvenation. While being aware and respectful of those we hold space with, we’ll practice freedom, expression, prayer, and thankfulness within an uninhibited container of sacred celebration. Honor the elements and our ancestors. Set a personal intention. Opening Circle and 22 minutes of breath and movement are followed with a web of ambient, hypnotic, world, mantra, electronic, glitch hop, dance beats that facilitate the exploration of higher levels of consciousness.


About Bibi McGill

Bibi McGill defies the mold. The Portland, OR based musical director of Suga Mama (Beyoncé’s ten-piece, all-female band) is not your typical rockstar guitarist—she’s also an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher.


Raised in Denver, CO, Bibi McGill discovered yoga in 1996 and has since traveled the world studying classical eight-limbed yoga systems. As she advocates making yoga available to everyone, her down-to-earth, authentic nature inspires individuals to realize potential for embracing their true selves. Bibi leads classes and workshops at studios and festivals around the globe and in her Portland, OR hometown. Through her involvement with the non-profit organization Street Yoga, Bibi also spreads the message of healing and wellness to youth, drawing on her own experience finding courage through yoga, and employing adept sensitivity to support populations who have undergone trauma.


Expect to start seeing a lot more of Bibi McGill; the rocker on a mission to share self-care has already graced the covers of Yoga Journal, About Face, Edge Magazine and Om Times. When she’s not on the mat or stage, find Bibi traveling with her 11 lb. chiweenie dog Rock-it!, connecting with nature on a kayak or in a garden, or enjoying the quiet life with kale chips and a cup of tea.


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