Unified Field Meditation with Jana Roemer

Unified Field Meditation with Jana Roemer

Using a simple, yet profound meditation technique, the potential exists to feel into the Unified Field of Everything. This practice will start with a short chat about what the Unified Field is, why we would want to connect and how we can use this potent space to heal. The practice will be guided with ample silent space for you to drop in and listen.











About Jana Roemer

6751Mama. siSTAR. Lover. Yogini. Devotee. Student. Teacher. Healer. In a chamber of perpetual transformation.

To tell you who Jana is in a bio is to tell you who she was. The metamorphosis she finds herself in is so intense lately that she cannot write an accurate story of who she is. Jana has traveled the globe, searched far and wide for the best teachers and has found many. Yet time and time again, she finds the best teachers to be prayer and meditation, the moon and Mother Earth, forever admitting “I don’t know,” deep deep listening & surrender. Often times, Jana relates more to a hunter who comes home to tell her tribe what she found on her journey, than a teacher. Yet, she recognizes that she teaches. Not by telling, but by being. All she can share is who she is and what she has found to be true for her. She hopes to sit with you, to share with you and to listen. I’m sure it will be magic.


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