Zen & Kush Lounge

Returning to Spirit Weavers Gathering this year is the Zen & Kush Lounge, a sacred space hosted and curated by Lizzy Jeff, with the intention of healing through plant medicine, sensual expressions and CBD infused conversations.


In this space, you will have the opportunity to learn about plant medicine and connect with cannabis from a spiritual, intentional vibration.

There will be CBD infused tea ceremonies, guided breathwork and community building, with classes on everything from rolling herbal joints, to incorporating cannabis into your daily rituals.


The Zen & Kush Lounge will also feature late night Vixen workshops, Cannabis ceremonies and daytime classes… including Lizzy’s two class offerings:


This space has been a highlight of many people’s gathering experience the last 3 years, and we’re excited to welcome Lizzy Jeff and the Zen & Kush Lounge back again for both sessions. The lounge will be open throughout the day for classes, as well as open in the evening for the after dark experience. Although quiet hours begin at 11, the lounge will continue into the night as a relaxed and supportive place to come together for high-vibe healing.

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Lizzy Jeff

Lizzy Jeff is a medicine woman, Rap Priestess and cosmic guide, committed to elevating consciousness through erotic expressions, community connections and self healing. She is an activist for social restoration and sensual activations, dedicated to serving and uplifting others. Lizzy is a Vixen in her own right, committed to helping women realize their sexual power and utilize it as a tool to activate world peace.


Join Lizzy Jeff and allow the Medicine Woman to take you on the most magical ride of your life!