Sex Magic & Cannabis Medicine

Sex Magic & Cannabis Medicine

Lizzy Jeff invites you to join her on a very sensual, cosmic journey of deep self love, feminine healing and sexual exploration. SEX MAGIC & CANNABIS MEDICINE is a CBD infused, three hour sensuality experience designed with the intention to unblock your chakras and help you manifest your sexiest, juiciest, most deepest desires.

Through partner exercises, rose brushing, womb worship, breath work and aphrodisiac herbs, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of rituals that help you heal past traumas and activate the feline feminine Vixen that lives within.

This workshop also features:

sensual slow flow & R&B sound healing

pussy powered guided meditation

aphrodisiac plant medicine

THC infused dialogue on topics like sex magic, womb worship, pussy spells and living an authentic, unapologetic life

Women are encouraged to wear their sexiest robes and come prepared to heal, connect and dive deeper into their sensual greatness.

When our sexuality is activated and our womb space is ignited, we can manifest any of our biggest desires.

No matter our size, shape, background, sexual choices…we are all so worthy of supreme intimacy and understanding of how to tap into our deepest fantasies.

Take back your power and open yourself to a whole new level of creative brilliance, sensual confidence and HIgh Priestess living.

SEX MAGIC & CANNABIS MEDICINE is tantalizing, erotic, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced


Sex Magic & Cannabis Medicine will be offered by Lizzy Jeff.