Tamu Mosley

Tamu Mosley

Tamu Mosley is an Oakland CA (traditional Lisjan Ohlone land) born, a mama of 3, a teacher, a wholistic wellness facilitator, a kitchen alchemist, a home herbalist & herbal maker, a ceremonialist and a flower essence practitioner. Tamu is the creator of Wholistic Shine (established in 2014) and Uchū Botanical (established in 2018).

Tamu is passionate about a wholistic approach to eating and living by bringing more mindfulness and intention to daily choices along with cultivating wellness practices that support mind, body and spirit. She is honored and humbled to support others on their wellness journey by inspiring, educating and empowering them through her Wholistic Shine and Uchū Botanical offerings.

For the past three years Tamu has been on an intentional, mindful menopause journey, tending to her body, mind and spirit as she dances this space in between mother and crone, reproductive years and post menopause. In 2021 Tamu called together a circle of sister friends and created a space to share experiences and support each other through this journey called perimenopause. From this space ‘Dancing The In Between’ Womb Circle was born.

IG: @wholistic_shine

Tamu will be sharing Dancing the In Between Womb Circle, Straight From The Kitchen Natural Facial, and Knitting Prayers and Intentions.