Straight From The Kitchen Natural Facial

Straight From The Kitchen Natural Facial

Our skin is the largest sensory organ and drinks in everything we put on it. It’s time to nourish, heal and brighten your facial skin with an all natural facial regimen using ingredients ‘straight from the kitchen’.

This facial regimen has supported Tamu with healthy glowing skin through the hormonal shifts of menstruation, motherhood and menopause. Her 3 children even found it helpful as they navigated their changing skin through puberty.

During this class we will mix up a cleansing, nourishing, brightening face mask powder.
We will then be guided through a supremely nourishing, all natural full facial regimen that includes a cleanser, mask, toner and moisturizer.

Each participant will leave with a face mask recipe, knowledge of a full facial regime to support vibrant skin and a jar of the face mask powder we mix up in class.

Tamu Mosley will be sharing Straight from the Kitchen, Natural Facial