Tamara Wilder


Tamara Wilder became fascinated by ancient living skills in 1989 when she first attended the Glass Buttes Knap In and Rabbitstick Skills Gatherings. She was “hooked” and immersed herself completely in practicing skills in the mountains outside Santa Cruz with only a bicycle and feet for transportation. In those first years she feels blessed to have met and become close with numerous friends and mentors including her then partner Steven Edholm, Margaret Mathewson, Jim Riggs, Melvin Beattie, Larry Dean Olson, Alice Tulloch, Lynx Vilden, Dave Wescott, Robin Blankenship & Mors Kochanski……. among many others.

Ever since, she has been dedicating her life to enjoying, learning, researching, experimenting with, writing about and teaching Paleo Technologies through a variety of programs, workshops & demonstrations on a range of skill topics at a plethora of locations through her company Paleotechnics: Arts & Technologies of Earth Peoples. Her main offerings are currently her Ancient Living Skills Overview Programs for grade schools and home school groups all around Northern California and day programs which are part of longer adult programs such as the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center’s Permaculture Design Course and the California School of Herbal Studies’ Roots of Herbalism / Foundations of Health Course.

A co-author of the book Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning, the handbooks “So You Have a Dead Animal”, “Sharpening”, “Sustainable Harvest” & “Using the Whole Animal” and numerous chapters in books Woodsmoke, Primitive Technology 1 and Primitive Technology 2, she has long been instructing at Ancestral Living Skills events around the western states.
More info can be found at her website https://www.paleotechnics.com, on her facebook page Paleotechnics https://www.facebook.com/Paleotechnics or at the Paleotechnics Blog https://paleotechnics.wordpress.com/about-3/

A few years ago, Tamara experienced a severe health crisis (10 months of pure hell) before she finally figured out that her vast array of strange symptoms were indeed being caused by a copper Paragard IUD. She finally “made the connection”, got it removed and her symptoms started going away within 2 days!
Since that time, she has been in contact with tens of thousands of other women suffering from similar clusters of problems who are also undergoing the same challenges of figuring out how to detoxify & support our bodies to get back into balance following this poisoning. Due to the prevalence of these stories and the seeming denial by most health care professionals that these problems are indeed linked to IUD use, she founded the organization called IUD Awareness – Are They Really Safe?and became an admin for the Facebook support group called “IUD Side Effects: Paragard, Mirena, Skyla & Liletta, etc…” https://www.facebook.com/groups/iudsideeffects/ which has grown from 1,800 members to over 11,000 members in a little over 2 years time!
She has also recently launched a new Patreon campaign https://www.patreon.com/IUDawareness where people can make small monthly donations to this important information spreading effort.

Tamara will be sharing IUD Awareness Story Share, and Nutty about Bay Nuts, Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags and Necklaces from Sticks & Stones plus Overview of Plant Fibers