Being of the Sun by Alicia Bay Laurel


Being of the Sun is Alicia Bay Laurel’s second book for the ages. Following on the acclaim for her consummate natural lifestyle guide, Living on the Earth, and partnering with the renowned avant garde composer and yogi Ramón Sender, Being of the Sun explores the ways in which a person can strip away the trappings of Western culture and “be here now” in a more natural and spiritual manner through daily practice, meditation, song, dance, and celebration of community.
The guidance and inspiration is presented in muted color with Alicia Bay Laurel’s flowing line drawings and script, along with 8 pages of original full-color illustrations. The information ranges from the quirky (such as how to make bagpipes) to the practical (how to make a sauna and tell time from the position of the sun) to the spiritual (with tips on breathing, mantras, and positions) to maintaining a supportive community.
Throughout this compendium are scores and songs written by Ramón Sender, with explanations of suitable instruments and occasions. The influence of the seasons of the year and astrological signs is also noted. This unique work is an invaluable resource to read cover-to-cover and fascinating to open to any page.

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