Allyship Guide by Spirit Weavers Come-UNITY Village (PDF Only)


Allyship Guide (PDF Version)

The Allyship Booklet is offered by the Spirit Weavers ComeUNITY Village, an inclusive village within SW committed to creating community, conversations, and educational opportunities that center issues of equity and collective liberation.

This PDF booklet was created as we, the Spirit Weavers community, became increasingly aware of the following needs:

1. The need for greater safety and inclusivity of the BIPOC SW Community

2. The need for white instructors and participants to understand and do their part in contributing to the greater gathering’s goal to fulfill those needs through allyship.

This Allyship Booklet was created in service to bridging the gap not only at the gathering, but in our everyday lives as well.

In the first year, through the donations of curious and eager folks, we raised over “x dollars” that were contributed to the BIPOC scholarship fund. This year during the virtual weave we intend to continue the effort to educate and bridge the gap through educational resources and communal spaces and we hope that yet again the community will join us in our excitement and dedication to this work.


  • This is a PDF Version only.

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