When Women Gather, A Decade with Spirit Weavers (Pre-order)


When Women Gather: A Decade With Spirit Weavers (publishes June 2023) chronicles ten years of sisterhood, ceremony, and skillshare.
The book captures the intimate feminine experiences of living in community in the deserts of Joshua Tree, in the redwoods of Northern California, and realizing a dream at Cedar Bloom in Southern Oregon.
With contributions from celebrated SWG community members as well as recipes, songs, meditations, and poems from beloved sisters, When Women Gather commemorates the Weave’s enduring presence in our hearts long after the Hearth Fire fades to embers.

From the very beginning it was clear that we would not be doing any press. As the Gathering grew so did the inquiries from the media.  Major publications, interviewers, podcasters and influencers began to reach out, wanting all the details about the Gathering, its participants and its founder.  But, nobody would be giving anything away. The Gathering was too sacred to be put into print, reduced to words on a page or website. If someone wanted to know more, they would need to attend in person in order to understand, which was why the answer to press inquiries was always, “no thank you.”  What makes this book extra special is it’s the first time in ten years that our story is being told. We get to share a collection of our stories & experiences with our own voices, from our own perspective. The story is ours only to tell. This is the way.

11 x 9 Hardbound printed sustainably by Hemlock Press in Canada

Designed by Erica Ekrem of Loom Bound

Book Doula: Em-J Staples

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