Natasha Pachalove

Natasha Pachalove

Featured ImageNatasha Pachalove is an energyworker, wellness mentor, full spectrum doula + ritual dancer committed to illuminating the heart centered Truth in all Beings. She has facilitated Red Tents + studied how to connect to ancestral wisdom through meditation, ceremony + movement since 2015.

Having experienced two ceremonial abortions at home has opened a path for her to support others in their grief of pregnancy loss. She utilizes Rhythm, Plant Medicine, Breathwork + Prayer to alchemize our greatest pains into the light that guides us Home to our greatest strengths. Through her ceremonies, workshops + private sessions, she is dedicated to creating nurturing spaces where people can rediscover their inner resources to heal.

She honors the shedding of the Womb as the most sacred process that aligns us with the natural rhythms needed to create the purposeful life we were born for.

Natasha is grounded in her spiritual service as a Moon Dancer, Vision Quester + Reverend Priestess ordained through the Iseum of Quimera. She is deeply grateful to her teachers + Taíno, Iroquois, European + African ancestors for these ways.

Natasha will be sharing Honoring Our Unborn Children: A Ceremony for those Who Have Released Pregnancy + co-sustaining the Red Tent throughout the gathering.

You can connect deeper with Natasha + learn about her offerings at .