Lindy Kehoe

I am a painter of the contemplative child-heart, bringing forth colorful beings that I have discovered are very much alive and are medicine bundles, as well as Oracles. Over the last 15 years of being a professional artist, I have witnessed many magical encounters with people having remembrances feelings of profound innocence.. I set off to be an art teacher, with my BFA from Ohio University in Art Education in 2002, but got swept away by the painting profession. Based in Oregon, much of my inspiration comes from this area’s majestic beauty. I have been published in We’Moon since 2005, and have no idea how many woman out there have collaged with my art! I am honored to share at Spirit Weavers, and drop deep with my Medicine Women Kindreds.

Lindy Kehoe will be musing through visual art, and sharing some techniques to take your doodles to the next level through paint and pencil. Let’s open the Painting Portal of our heart’s Greatest Potential! Discover how we each carry our own direct link to the Oracle thru Pictures of our own Language. I am excited to share some easy techniques that will take one’s doodles to the next level of aliveness.

Lindy Kehoe will be sharing Master Your Doodle