Micha Merrick

Growing up close to the earth, yoga and meditation with mom and dad, barefoot in the forest, learning the names of plants. At age twelve, my parents went to a couples massage class and took my eight year old sister and I along. We learned together and it changed our relationship in such a beautiful way, opening us a silent language of support and trust. I believe so much can be healed with the sharing of massage between family and friends.

My path brought me Thailand and Bali, five years of ongoing study with massage masters, herbal healers, and traditional midwives. I find the art of herbal compress massage especially deep, beneficial and heart-opening to share. This work is at the heart of the Thai tradition for women, massaging wild plant medicine into the body, like being cleansed with warm herbal tea. Gathering plants where ever I go, I find discovering what is useful and abundant a magical part of this practice.

I use hands-on herbal therapies to support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Receiving much enthusiasm for this work, I now organize Women’s Herbal Massage Retreats and trainings internationally.

So touching to to see the atmosphere created when women support and take care of each other.

Gratitude to my birthkeeper teachers Ibu Robin Lim, Debra Pascali Bonaro, Midwife Katherine Bramhall at Bumi Sehat, Bali; Shamanic Hilltribe midwife Nasur; Ajarin Whah, Professor of Women’s Massage and Herbalism at Watpo: Thai Traditional Medical School, Bangkok; my beloved teachers at the Ashkanada School of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai.



Micha will be sharing Thai Yoga Bodywork and Herbal Compress Massage.