Cultivating Courage through Song

Cultivating Courage through Song

Our voices and songs are deeply personal— and it is with good reason many of us have learned to hold them close. Still, many of us long for the freedom to share with ease— to let our songs and voices breath and grow.

The limiting beliefs that have taught us to hide, live in our bodies. In this workshop, we will utilize practices inspired by somatic healing modalities such as Hakomi and IFS— to explore the body and our voices. We will work with our own internal barriers and beliefs to develop greater awareness, courage and freedom.

Open to all regardless of self-identification as a musician, songwriter or artist. This work can be applied to any form of expressive freedom.

Please note the workshop is focused on active personal work and self-inquiry (rather than active singing).

Cultivating Courage through Song is being shared by Lorka Scher  who is also sharing Lorka & The Echo Orchestra: Lullabies to Wake Us.