Lorka Scher

Lorka Scher

Lorka believes music to be an embodied practice of personal and cultural healing. Drawing from her own post-war experience as the daughter of Soviet refugees, she explores themes of belonging, displacement and ancestral healing in her work. Her music carries the complexity of paradox alongside the potency of prayer— blending death into life, silence into sound and winter into spring.

As a multi-instrumental loop artist, Lorka weaves harp, breath, cello and vocals into soundscapes of echos, loops and layers. Her music has been described as haunting, intimate and medicinal.

Lorka joins the Spirit Weavers community for a second year, with the intention of supporting women in the journey towards inner wholeness. Lorka combines training from her own ancestral tradition with a background in somatic psychology, neuroscience and contemplative tradition.

Lorka teaches graduate courses in Global Health, Community Organizing and the Psychology of Connection at the University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR and is a recent Fellow of the Witness Institute — an organization centered on questions of moral transformation and cultural memory. She holds an interdisciplinary degree in the Sociology of Medicine and a Master’s degree in “Mind, Brain and Education” from Harvard University. To hear her work, you can visit her website www.thespacebetweenbreaths.com, or find her work on the internet under the project: Lorka & the Echo Orchestra.

She will be offering a special nighttime performance Thursday evening, as well as a workshop on Cultivating Courage with our Voices and Songs, and Lorka the Echo Orchestra: Lullabies to Wake Us.