Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the online gathering?

Because the physical gathering is an intimate 700 person event that sells out each year within the first day ticket sales open, one of the beautiful benefits of this platform is the ability to be connected globally. We see this Virtual Gathering as an exciting way to tune back in to what brings us all together, what inspires hope for our future, and how we can further strengthen our ties to this earth and each other.  With that, we are excited to extend the invitation to join us to ALL womxn, trans, non binary, or femme identified folx around the world.  Most classes are geared towards adults aged 18+. 

How should I prepare for the weekend?

Because we will be gathering virtually, we welcome you to set up your personal space for your own comfort. We want this offering to be a gift to yourself, so take the time to create a space that feels supportive for you. If it’s available to you, you could set up a tent in your yard to sleep on the earth each night, as we would be doing at this time of year together. You could potentially have a candle lit throughout the weekend to accompany our sacred hearth fire, or anything else you wish to create a sacred space for yourself. Maybe cook some nourishing meals and have them prepared ahead of time for our meal breaks in between classes.  Whatever supports you being present and able to receive during our time together. 


We also suggest exploring the website and making a dream schedule of the classes that you wish to attend.  It would be a good idea to also have a back up list of classes you’re interested in, so when the time comes to sign up for classes, you know what you’d like to take. 


For specific classes:  In the coming weeks before the Gathering, we can explore our sites where all our classes are listed. In each description, you can find information for what you may need to prepare or bring when you attend the virtual class. Some classes won’t require any preparation, other classes may require you to bring tea, a journal, or other supplies specific to your class. Keep this in mind, in case there are particular classes you want to attend which require materials prepared ahead of time. You can find the list of classes here

What does a ticket include?

A ticket to the Virtual Gathering will include 5 days of resources, classes, performances, and community.  On Thursday, our opening day, all attendees will have access to our opening ritual from the land in which we gather, Cedar Bloom in Southern Oregon. 

Then, from Friday – Sunday, we will meet together on our virtual event platform, Hopin, where all ticket holders will have access to a range of classes, sessions, a virtual marketplace, special performances and talks, a community chatroom and meeting place, and more, all taking place throughout each day from morning till evening!  As a ticket holder, you will have access to the entire virtual gathering space as you’d like, to come in and out and choose what you’d like to experience each day.  

Our weekend will finish with a closing ritual for all on Monday morning, and integration resources to take away. The closing ritual will take place in the Illinois River at Cedar Bloom where we take our annual group photo. 

Each day you will be able to take two skillshare classes plus a yoga or tea and the evening celebrations.  So six-nine classes total plus opening and closing ritual and all other lunchtime and evening activities.

When and where do I sign up for classes?

The skillshare schedule can be explored at any time between now and the gathering. Once you sign up for the gathering you will have access to our Virtual Weave site with a detailed schedule of class times and slots. When we gather together, at the start of each class time all available classes will appear in the sessions page of our platform.   Everyone will be able to choose what they would like to participate in at that time by simply clicking on the class of their choice and entering that classroom.  

All session classes are able to accommodate 500 people, so it will be on a first come, first served basis for getting in to the virtual class. We don’t anticipate any of the classes filling but in the case that you aren’t able to get into your first choice, there will always be enough incredible classes occurring at one time, so everyone will be able to attend a class.  

Where do we meet and when?

Starting Thursday, our virtual webpage will have an opening ritual and welcome information.   Then, from Friday to Sunday, we will all be gathering on the Hopin platform for the day’s activities. 

Morning and afternoon class times will host 10 different classes to choose from. Between these times, we will have a running marketplace with live vendors, various special performances and speakers, a live chatroom and community meeting place.

Then, on Monday, we will return back to our virtual webpage for a closing ceremony and integration resources.  

Thursday: Virtual Weave site

Friday-Sunday: Our virtual platform

Monday: Virtual Weave site


See our schedule page for the full lineup of offerings.

Do I have to attend the full five days of the online gathering?

Not at all.  You can create your own schedule and come whenever you wish.  Feel free to submerge yourself in the full five days, or choose a few selected classes according to your schedule.  It’s up to you how you want to participate.  The general admission ticket covers the whole weekend’s offerings, and you can take part in as much or as little as you’d like.

Tell me about the Marketplace!

The virtual Marketplace vendor booths will be in the expo at the gathering. Every booth will either have either a pre-recorded video in it or a live video session with the maker in the booth. Every booth also has links to the vendors shops and social media for purchases.

The Spirit Weavers Marketplace is one of the highlights of the gathering.  You can find anything from sustainable goods to vintage treasures to Spirit Weavers Merchandise.  We’re excited to host some of our favorite vendors from over the years.

If I am participating from overseas what will be available to me throughout the gathering?

Since our main gathering takes place in Oregon we are on Pacific Standard Time.  If you are overseas you will only be able to take 1 session class per day. However you can stay up as late as you wish, or wake up early and take more than 1 class a day.   You will still be able to participate in most yoga and tea experiences and with some of the live performances.  The Opening and Closing Rituals will be up for you to view if you aren’t able to be there during that time. Taking all of this into consideration, we are offering a discounted rate of $77.00 for our global sisters.

Do you have a schedule for the different time zones?
Time Zone:
Please note, Some time zones are the day after
Yoga & Tea 4:30-5:30 am
AM Sessions 6-9am
Marketplace (expo): 9-12pm
PM Sessions: 12-3pm
Marketplace (expo): 3-6pm
Stage: 4-6pm
Yoga & Tea 7:30-8:30am
AM Sessions 9-12pm
Marketplace (expo): 12-3pm
PM Sessions: 3-6pm
Marketplace (expo): 6-9pm
Stage: 7-9pm
Yoga & Tea 8:30-9:30am
AM Sessions 10-1pm
Marketplace (expo): 1-4pm
PM Sessions: 4-7pm
Marketplace (expo): 7-10pm
Stage: 8-10pm
Yoga & Tea 9:30-10:30am
AM Sessions 11-2pm
Marketplace (expo): 2-5pm
PM Sessions: 5-8pm
Marketplace (expo): 8-11pm
Stage: 9-11pm
Yoga & Tea 10:30-11:30am
AM Sessions 12-3pm
Marketplace (expo): 4-6pm
PM Sessions: 6-9pm
Marketplace (expo): 9-12am
Stage: 10-12am
Yoga & Tea 3:30pm-4:30pm
AM Sessions 5-8pm
Marketplace (expo): 8-11pm
PM Sessions: 11-2am
Marketplace (expo): 2-5am
Stage: 3-5am
Yoga & Tea 11:30-12:30pm
AM Sessions 1-4pm
Marketplace (expo): 4-7pm
PM Sessions: 7-10pm
Marketplace (expo): 10-1am
Stage: 11-1am
Yoga & Tea 9:30-10:30am
AM Sessions 11-2am
Marketplace (expo): 2-5pm
PM Sessions: 5-8pm
Marketplace (expo): 8-11pm
Stage: 9-11pm
Yoga & Tea 12:30-1:30am
AM Sessions 2-5am
Marketplace (expo): 5-8am
PM Sessions: 8-11am
Marketplace (expo): 11-1am
Stage: 12-1am
Yoga & Tea 2:30-3:30
AM Sessions 4-7am
Marketplace (expo): 7-10am
PM Sessions: 10-1pm
Marketplace (expo): 1-3pm
Stage: 2-3pm
Yoga & Tea 10:30-11:30pm
AM Sessions 12-3am
Marketplace (expo): 3-6am
PM Sessions: 6-9am
Marketplace (expo): 9-12pm
Stage: 10-12pm
Yoga & Tea 9:30-10:30pm
AM Sessions 11-2pm
Marketplace (expo): 2-5pm
PM Sessions: 5-8pm
Marketplace (expo): 8-11pm
Stage: 9-11pm
How did you choose the Instructors who will be teaching?

Spirit Weavers hosts a range of classes each year surrounding skillshare, craft, and knowledge that we feel is important for empowering us all to live in connection, harmony, and equality together on this planet.  For this virtual event, we wanted to offer a selection of classes that would translate well to an online setting, and also chose classes that pertain to this specific time in the world we are collectively experiencing- including classes surrounding self care, community, equity, and building our earth and community going forward. 

Many of the instructors we have invited to share have been with us for many years, and have been an integral thread in the web that has connected this event since beginning and continues to grow. 

What browser will work best for the online experience?

For the best virtual weave experience, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge for now.

What can we expect from your virtual platform?

Our virtual platform is really similar to the way our in-person gathering is held with five main areas:

Reception – The Reception area is the welcome page or lobby for the gathering. Here you can quickly find out what’s happening at the event currently, our welcome message, sponsors, the schedule, and speakers. The Reception area is often used for announcements, important links, sponsor messages, and event updates.

Stage – There is one main stage and it supports up to 100,000 concurrent viewers. The Stage is where you will find yoga, tea, performances, and fireside chats.

Sessions – The Sessions area of the gathering is where you will find all of our classes.  Everyone in a session can interact in the session chat on the side of the Instructors Video. This is often where attendees ask questions and share about their experience.

Networking – The Networking area is the place where people meet one-on-one during the gathering. This feature is designed to recreate conversations that often take place at our tea house, or fireside.  These chats are important at an in-person event and we don’t want you missing out on meeting other attendees . The Networking area automates the discovery of new connections. When an attendee participates in Networking, you are randomly matched with another attendee and meet for five minutes to connect.

These one-on-one meetings are similar to a FaceTime call. Attendees can leave at any time and have the option to click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information.

Expo – The Expo area is the virtual Marketplace with vendor booths at the gathering.  Every booth will either have either a pre-recorded video in it or a live video session with the maker in the booth. Every booth also has links to the Vendors shops and social media pages for purchases.

Will the classes be recorded in case we miss one?

We will only be recording and sharing classes for those who require captioning for the videos.  For accessibility needs, please email us at We created a discounted price for those overseas who may miss a few classes.  The virtual gathering has many offerings to chose from but we understand that not everyone will be able to participate in the entire weekend.   We encourage you to come to our in person gathering in 2021 so that you can take advantage of an entire weekend of in person Skillshare and community.

What if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

We will have a team of tech support available throughout the weekend to help with all technical related questions and troubleshooting. As this is a new experience for all of us, we are doing our best to streamline this experience, and will be present to support you throughout the weekend. Our virtual gathering platform, Hopin, is user friendly and will be an exciting adventure for us all to try together!

If your Instructor is experiencing technical difficulties, consider choosing another class for that session while we sort it out.

For support you can email

What if I am already registered for the 2020 Gathering?

If you are already registered for the 2020 gathering and plan to transfer your ticket to next year we just ask that you pay the $11.00 registration fee.  We understand that these are difficult times for many and this virtual gathering is an offering for those who can commit to holding onto their tickets and joining us in 2021.  This helps to ensure that Spirit Weavers can continue on for many moons to come.

Will there be any scholarships available?

We will be offering 25 scholarships over the next three weeks via our Instagram @spiritweavers.  Please follow along and be on the lookout if you are interested in a scholarship opportunity!

How do I stay up-to-date with Spirit Weavers news and info regarding the 2021 Gathering?

We encourage everyone to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website to receive all updates and announcements for the 2021 Gathering. 

Especially in these shifting times, we will continue to work hard to keep everyone informed and updated with our plans for when we can gather again in person!

If you have instagram, you can follow us there @spiritweavers for updates and announcements, as well as @cedarbloomfarm for updates and happenings on the land.

How can I support Spirit Weavers in navigating its way through theses times?

In accordance with the Governor of Oregon’s mandatory orders due to the corona virus pandemic,  the Spirit Weavers community will not be able to gather in the physical in 2020. We postponed our original June dates to September, but the Governor of Oregon has now shared that all mass gatherings will be banned through September so we are working to adjust our dates.  This is devastating news for our community, but now more than ever we are hopeful for the future of our community and organization.  


In transparency, we are navigating how to stay afloat for the next few years on one year’s income.   After paying high rent for years to host the gathering,  Spirit Weavers purchased land in 2017 so that we could have our own gathering space to call home. This means we now have a mortgage that we must pay each year.  We also have a team that gets paid for 9 months to produce the event. We were seven months into planning for June 2020 before Covid hit.   We also have several small private business loans to individuals that helped us purchase the land, which get paid out in January of each year. With these payments, as well as quarterly taxes, land upkeep, large contracts with rental companies, and more, these are things that we cannot walk away from if SW wants to have a future.  


We are not a corporation with deep pockets or insurance policies, or have large funds of money set aside for emergencies. We are a small grassroots community that have built this gathering from the ground up.  If refunding was an option and we could still keep going, we would do it. 

At this point, we are doing our best to navigate the unknown, with unprecedented circumstances that affect us all.  Our biggest takeaway is that we cannot risk losing everything after almost a decade of hard work and devotion for this to exist.  We need gatherings like this more than ever right now, and there is a whole community that has been built that we risk losing. 


Specific Ways to Support SW:

*If you purchased a ticket to the 2020 Gathering, the best way to support Spirit Weavers Gathering now is to hold on to your ticket until we can gather together again. Your ticket will be valid for the physical gathering as soon as we are able to host an event, and your ticket is an investment for our community and for yourself. 


*You can also purchase a ticket to attend this Virtual Gathering, which will support us now in these uncertain times we are experiencing.  Encourage your community and friends to join us for this virtual event, so we can share this work and support each other now and for our future going forward. 


*If you believe in the work we’re collectively doing, and if Spirit Weavers has touched your life in the last eight years, you can consider making a donation to our community using the button below so that we can continue to gather for many moons to come. This community was built from just tiny seedlings of dreams for a better future for womxn, and together we can continue this dream.