Details & Registration

Grandmother Mona

Unci Rita

We are truly honored to have Grandmother Mona and Unci Rita from the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers joining us for our opening and closing rituals! 93 year old Crone, Dot Fisher Smith will also be joining us!

The virtual gathering is a 5 day online event from March 18-22nd 2021, and participants will have access to all of the offerings taking place throughout the weekend through our virtual site and meeting platform.


The weekend will have a similar flow to SWG with opening and closing rituals from the land and our beloved river, morning tea, yoga, movement and meditation class options, 1.5 – 3 hour morning and afternoon classes each day, and evening performances including song circles, stories and offerings.


Our vision is that this can be an opportunity for all participants to take 5 days to really receive and turn inward, as we look forward to doing each year together in June. We want to encourage attendees to participate in the full gathering, setting aside this time to be present with the community. Of course, it will be different with everyone in their own homes, but this will be an opportunity to get creative- for example, maybe you will want to set up your tent and sleep outside on the earth in your backyard if that’s available to you. Or perhaps, you have a candle lit throughout the weekend like our sacred hearth fire.  You can also join us just for a few classes throughout the weekend.  It’s up to you.


Please join us for this global gathering of women from all across the world.

Our wish is that this gathering is a chance to ask ourselves two questions. Firstly, how do we all stay connected, grounded, and “gather” together, while social distancing  during in this time? And second, how can we tune in to nature, spirit and what connects us all while balancing virtual time with time in nature outside and away from devices and distractions? To explore these questions together throughout this event will be both a challenge and a gift.

Tickets are available in 4 tiers:


  • GENERAL ADMISSION is $155.00, will include full access to the entire virtual gathering throughout the weekend
  • OVERSEAS SISTERS tickets are $133.oo, to account for time zone differences 
  • SISTER SUPPORT: $111.00 For those with limited income.  We have a limited amount of tickets available so please choose wisely.
  • ABUNDANCE SUPPORT: $188.00 is for those in a place of abundance who feel called to help with support for the lower tier.


*When you purchase a GA or full-price ticket, you help Spirit Weavers offer discounted tickets to those with limited income—and ensure an inclusive, diverse movement for change. Please select your ticket thoughtfully.