The Art of Fermenting Traditional Andean Chicha

The Art of Fermenting Traditional Andean Chicha

In this class, we delve into the ancient art of fermenting Andean Chicha de Maíz. While we prepare this rich elixir around the Abuelo Fire, I’ll be sharing about the historical significance, biological essence, ancestral cosmology, and its profound role in both wellness and culture.

Chicha goes beyond a mere fermented drink; it embodies ancestral wisdom, a profound connection to the land, has medicinal importance, cultural heritage, and a legacy of social and political resistance. This class focuses on the role of female chicha brewers, who safeguard ancestral practices and honor the enduring legacies of indigenous and “campesino” communities in Colombia. Through Chicha we learn to nourish ourselves (body, mind and soul) and connect to our womb and the mother within.

This is an authentic tribute to cultural preservation through the beautiful art of fermenting Chicha de Maíz and an opportunity to contemplate collectively the meaning of wellbeing and environmental justice.

In this journey I’ll be sharing ancestral songs and invite others to connect through our voices and personal stories.

The Art of Fermenting Traditional Andean Chicha will be shared by Ana Jimenez.