Tamara Wilder

Tamara Wilder

Tamara Wilder became fascinated by ancient living skills in 1989 when she attended the Glass Buttes Knap In and Rabbitstick Skills Gathering.

She was “hooked” and quickly began incorporating the practice of skills into her daily experience. Ever since, she has been dedicating her life to enjoying, learning, researching, experimenting with, writing about and teaching Paleo Technologies through a variety of programs, workshops & demonstrations on a range of skill topics at a plethora of locations through her company Paleotechnics: Arts & Technologies of Earth Peoples.

Her main offerings are Ancient Living Skills Overview Programs for grade schools and home school groups all around Northern California, and also as part of longer adult programs such as the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center’s Permaculture Design Course and the California School of Herbal Studies’ Roots of Herbalism / Foundations of Health Course.

A co-author of the book Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning, the handbooks “So You Have a Dead Animal”, “Sharpening”, “Sustainable Harvest” & “Using the Whole Animal” and numerous chapters in books Woodsmoke, Primitive Technology 1 and Primitive Technology 2, she has long been instructing at Ancestral Living Skills events around the western states for the past 30 years.

More info can be found at her website https://www.paleotechnics.com

Several years ago, Tamara chose to get a Paragard Copper IUD and suffered extreme adverse effects which dramatically affected her life. After removal, her problems started going away very quickly and she discovered that there are many, many thousands of other women who are also dealing with similar issues.
In an effort to bring these stories into the open and help other women find the help and support that they so desperately need, she started the website IUD Awareness https://www.iudawareness.org


Tamara will be offering Nutty About Bay Nuts, Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags, Necklace from Sticks & Stones, and IUD Awareness Story Share : Are They Really Safe.