Stargazer Li

Stargazer Li

Stargazer Li is in love with the Universe!

For over 20 years, she has been living and conversing with the universe, and sharing her highly unique approach to Keeping Time… through living natural rhythms, making and sharing planetary essences and essence elixirs, and creating starry experiences under the night sky.

She makes a calendar that weaves modernized Mayan time cycles with astrology and astronomy to eloquently articulate the unfolding story of these times. And, she does deeply transformational sessions weaving astrology and her calendar’s themes.

Check out her free moonthly audio calendar podcasts, available through her website and in her cosmic update emails.

Wood carving has become her passion, and you’re likely to see her, by day, sitting in the shade and carving…

Stargazer Li will be sharing Essence Making & Taking, Wood & Knife: An Introduction to Carving, and Stargazing.