Setting Intentions for Self Care

Setting Intentions for Self Care

Setting Intentions for Self Care

We invite you all to begin setting your intentions from this day forward until we meet on Oregon soil with our dear sisters…

Ask yourself;

What do I want to receive?
What do I want to give?
How will I set time to heal, process, and absorb between experiences?
How can I prepare myself, and enable myself to enter into this sacred space gracefully?

Something I have noticed over the years is how easy it is for us to become overwhelmed by opening the floodgates to receive, connect, and absorb everything the gathering has to offer.

There are so many different opportunities and intentions that are capable of being set for each individual woman! You can focus on Astrology, Ceremony, Adornment, Survival, Extractions, Sacred Tools, Body Care, Energy Work, Song, etc., etc. There are so many opportunities at hand that just thinking of the many directions we could travel can be exhausting!

Even as a Spirit Weaver veteran, I have kept my floodgates wide open to receive. I only allow myself 2 classes per session and I am still overwhelmed– I am also running a market booth and attempting to chase a toddler. But to be honest, it took a full month of recovery until I was fully functional last year. I think things could have been vastly different and more fruitful if I would have set boundaries for myself and allowed more space for self-care.

The flow of the gathering brings many synchronicities. Women will drift in and out of your periphery like a mirage. There is a desire to want to seize each moment– but where is the balance int his constant need to connect at each moment and going with the flow?

The past two years specifically, we have had to stop and take time to talk deeply about integration into the gathering and integration back into the real world. Unfortunately, speaking before and after the gathering for 30 minutes is not when we need to set the intention and remind ourselves that we need to stay balanced.

I am inviting you to begin setting your intentions now. Ask yourself these key questions on self-awareness and self-care. What can you do to integrate more efficiently into our sacred space?

My intention with the Yoga Village offerings I’ve curated for this Spirit Weavers Gathering is to remind everyone that self-care comes before seizing the moment. Not everyone has the ability to receive healing work form our beautiful healing village, so we are here to serve you and help you serve yourself during this divine process.

Every year, we (Yoga Village) have quietly announced that we are here to assist you in your transitions– but this year, we want you all to make an intention to serve yourself and the entirety of the gathering by utilizing our self-care classes. This is not just for your well-being, but to also heighten the flow of the entirety of our forest community.

How beautiful of a sight will it be to see each woman enter this space, committing their full bodies to this sacred practice, and this exciting new land?!

We want all of our attendees to attend our Yoga, Meditation and Sacred Dance classes in order to relieve their bodies from strenuous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work. This is a time for us to receive energy and move our energy out and into the Ether. This is a time for us to make sure we are integrating with our full body, and make sure we aren’t streamlined to crash at the end of the gathering. Although it is inevitable that the gathering will stir something within us that we may sit with for the next year, or several years to come, we want to make sure we are properly absorbing the information that we are coming to receive. Ideally we all want the information we receive to ground us deeper into our calling, our path, and all facets of our being.

Let’s do what we can to make this experience the most fruitful! With this in mind, I invite you all to spend some time grounding into your intentions. Meditate on how our village can facilitate a grounding and energizing force to align your full body experience.

– Maria Cauldron, Yoga Village Coordinator