Selfish Bitch Embodiment

Selfish Bitch Embodiment

Ever been told that you’re stuck up?

Have you been called bougie, prissy, high saddity, high maintenance, selfish, a bitch, or my personal favorite…

A selfish bitch?

Yep, me too.

And I love it. Hear me out.

I know that you carry deep wounding from feeling rejected for having your own desires which has consistently led you to self-abandon in deference to others. Or if you do self advocate, you do so with shame, fear, and a shaky voice.

Or, like many Women who’ve experienced trauma and mistreatment, you advocate for yourself in a way that is toxic, mean, and verbally violent. If you frequently slide into the energy of “going off” or “checking someone” or “telling someone about themselves”, this is definitely for you.

What if you could learn to embrace these labels and play UP the archetype of the selfish bitch as a gateway into greater self-love?

And what if that gateway still allowed for you to show up for others in a way that feels delightful for you, but doesn’t deplete your precious and valuable energy, while also commanding the respect you deserve?

You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

I’m going to flip your notion of selfish bitchiness on its head and teach you how embracing this energy is one of the most powerful acts of self-love that will amplify your magnetism in ways that will leave you feeling powerful, with no loss of compassion or empathy.

Transmute the shaky ick or abrasive meanness of saying “no” into a radiance that amplifies your manifestations and brings you fully back to YOU and your kind heart.

I am also going to teach you the metaphysical reason why people are so desperate for your energy.

It’s way deeper than you think and it’s ancient.

If the name of my workshop triggers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s the point. It’s time to clear the negative charge on this name and embrace its corresponding positive and healing energy.

Andrea Bordeaux will be sharing Selfish Bitch Embodiment